These quick and easy trifles are ready in just 30 mins. With a fresh honey and greek yogurt flavours, these tasty little puds make the perfect light dessert Fruit trifles with honey
Serves: 4
Prep time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins
Total time: 25 mins
Skill level: Easy peasy




    • 220g can apricot halves in fruit juice


    • 295g can mandarin oranges in fruit juice


    • 3 tsp runny honey


    • 1 tbsp thickening granules


    • 60g (2oz) ratafia biscuits


    • 4 tbsp sweet sherry


    • 500g tub fresh custard


    • 170g tub 0% fat Greek yogurt


    • 4 sundae glasses






    1. Drain the juice from the cans of fruit into a jug and add 1 teaspoon of the honey. Microwave on High for 1 min, add the thickening granules and microwave on High for another min. Stir until thickened and smooth. Cool for a few mins.


    1. Reserve one ratafia biscuit and arrange the rest in the glasses. Sprinkle with the sherry. Arrange the fruit on top, and then spoon in the thickened juice. Cool for 10 mins.


    1. Pour custard over. Spoon on a large dollop of Greek yogurt and sprinkle with the last ratafia biscuit, crumbled between your fingers. Drizzle with rest of the honey, just before serving.



Nutritional information per portion



Fat 7.0g


Saturates 2.0g


Calories 312(kcal)