Fig Tarte Tatin recipe by Sue McMahon

You will need:

60g (2oz) caster sugar

60g (2oz) butter

½ tsp vanilla extract, optional

8 figs, stalks trimmed, halved

320g pack ready rolled puff pastry

Greek yogurt, to serve

20cm (8in) diameter ovenproof frying pan or cake tin (not loose-based)

1 Set the oven to 220°C or Gas Mark 7. Gently heat the sugar in the pan until it dissolves and turns brown. Stir in the butter and vanilla extract, if using.

2 Put figs in cut side down to fit snugly in the pan. Or pour the caramel into the cake tin and arrange figs inside.

3 Cut out a circle of pastry from one end of the sheet a little wider than the pan/tin top. Drape it over the figs and press the sides down to enclose the fruit. Prick the pastry with a fork. Bake 25 mins.

4 Cool 5-10 mins. Run a sharp knife round the edge, put a serving plate on top. Turn out the tart. Serve with yogurt.

Tip: You will have some pastry left over. Layer it up, roll it out, sprinkle with grated Parmesan, cut into strips, twist and bake to make cheese straws.

Calories per serving: 341

Fat per serving: 21g

Saturated fat per serving: 11g

Not suitable for freezing