Woman’s Weekly editor, Diane, is inspired to get baking at the launch of National Baking Week

Hello there, Diane here.

Until yesterday, my only experience of the monster shopping experience that is Westfield Stratford, was passing through it on my way to and from the Olympic Games and Paralympics.

This time I lingered a lot longer thanks to the delightful, if slightly bonkers, draw of a map of the UK dotted with sites and attractions from around the country, all made entirely of cake!

Angel of the North cake


Calling the bakers of Britain

It certainly was an eye-catching way to launch National Baking Week, which is celebrating its fifth year by teaming up with Great Ormond Street. As in previous years, the campaign’s aim is to get Britain baking, but in this Jubilee year it’s also hoping that the bakers of Britain will use their culinary creations to raise money for the country’s most famous children’s hospital.

Their very comprehensive website – www.nationalbakingweek.co.uk tells you all about how you can get involved and includes recipes (for savoury and sweet dishes), competitions, how to raise money through your baking efforts and even a couple of fun games to play.

I’m off to try the Crisp Rhubarb Square recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Before I go though…

Unfortunately the cake map was almost directly outside a Lakeland shop. I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t resist….well, pretty much anything they sell. I just popped in to have a look (honest) and came out laden with kit for my kitchen I don’t know how I’ve managed without until now!