The Great British Bake Off is back! Did you see the first episode of the new series on Tuesday? We loved every second of it.

We recently sat down with Mary and Paul for cake & chat and to talk all things Bake Off. You can read the full interview in next week’s issue of the magazine. Meanwhile, here’s their top five things to watch out for in the new series:

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood - Great British Bake Off

Watch out for these!

1/ The overall standard of contestants which, according to Mary and Paul, has gone through the roof in series four. “There were contestants who I’d happily employ in my own professional bakery,” says Paul.

2/ If I could make one criticism of the bakers this year, it’s that they did tend to over complicate things at times,” says Mary. “Vanilla is a wonderful taste. It doesn’t need you to add lemon.”

3/ Mary’s outfits are likely to be brighter and bolder than ever. She chooses her clothes with advice from both her daughter, Annabel, and her assistant of the last 23 years, Lucy. “They’ll both say, ‘Oh no, you can’t wear that. Or, yes, yes, that looks great.’ So far, hopefully they haven’t been wrong.

4/ The ‘blood bath’ episode in which nearly all of the 13 (a bakers dozen) contestants end up cutting themselves with knives. “It was a freezing day when we were filming,” says Mary, “and the knives had been newly sharpened, which was a recipe for disaster. We ran out of blue plasters and the medic had to go to the local shop to get more.”

5/ The highly emotional episode in which even tough talking Paul nearly loses it when he has to let a contestant go.

The Great British Bake Off is on BBC2 on Tuesdays at 8pm.

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