From spider web cake pops to a grown-up spicy soup, we reveal our favourite treats and meals to cook at Halloween...

Darker evenings and chilly weather are the first sign that Halloween is on the way.

As well as dusting off our witch’s hat and digging out our fancy dress cauldron, we just can’t resist cooking spooky dishes and baking creepy delights.

Stuck for inspiration?

Whether you’re looking to prepare a hearty pumpkin-based dinner or have a craving for something much sweeter, we’ve listed 7 of our favourite recipes for this time of the year.

Combining rich tomatoes with garlic, tangy Worcestershire sauce and spicy Tabasco, a bowl of Bloody Mary soup is the perfect grown-up treat for Halloween.

A splash of vodka will add even more of a kick.

Got some left over? Pop a portion in the fridge to eat with a couple of slices of chunky bread the next day or freeze for a fiery lunch on a cold winter’s day.

If you’re inviting friends over for nibbles, we suggest plating up some crispy potato skins with a devilled dip made of sweetcorn,  cucumber and punchy mustard ketchup.

Sticky spare ribs smothered in barbecue sauce are another firm Halloween party food favourite, while cheesy breadsticks shaped to resemble witches’ broomsticks will add interest to any spread.

Those of you with a sweet tooth will find our crunchy ginger biscuits hard to resist.

Transform each bake into a pumpkin by whipping up a topping made from ready-to-roll icing, runny honey and a few drops of bright food colouring.

If you fancy getting really crafty in the kitchen, a batch of delicious chocolate fudge cake pops decorated with spider webs will be a hit with everyone.

An occasion filled with cheeky tricks and delicious treats, it’s not hard to see why 31 October is so popular with kids.

Youngsters, teens and adults alike will have fun shaping and icing our Halloween party food cookies which are subtly flavoured with lemon and almonds.