It’s been all change in the Woman’s Weekly test kitchen as we’ve had an office move, which has also meant we have a brand new kitchen to call “home”.

Woman's Weekly Test Kitchen

One of the reasons we’re so excited about our new “home” is that we have windows, so we can see what’s going on in the outside world and we know if it’s still daylight out or if it’s a lovely day or pouring with rain.  As the far end of the kitchen is floor to ceiling windows the kitchen is very bright, and as well as being more pleasant to work in, it’s also a fantastic area to do photography using hte natural light. We can see the London Eye, Big Ben and The Post Office Tower, so quite an extensive view, although there is a lot of building work going on in the area, so we think that our view of the Thames maybe hidden by an extension going up on the Tate Modern Gallery.

View from Woman's Weekly Test Kitchen

Woman’s Weekly is very different to other weekly magazines as all our recipes are tested at least twice in our test kitchen by our qualified Home Economists with over 70 years experience between them, so hopefully when you try any of the recipes at home they will work for you first time.

Rather like moving house, it’s nice to have a few new things and the lovely people at Lakeland have been very generous with the items that they’ve sent us to use. I don’t know how many of you, like me, take the Lakeland catalogue to bed for bedtime reading, rather than a romantic novel.  I find reading about the latest “must have” gadgets much more interesting than fiction, and as all my cupboards at home are already over-full, it’s nice to chose things for work (and then if I like them I’ll find room and buy the same for home).

As we drink vast quantities of tea, our first priority was to get a kettle and we wanted something modern to fit in with the style of the kitchen.   Lakeland kindly sent us the Dualit Architect kettle, which as well as beign an efficient fast boiling kettle,  matches our gloss-white kitchen as you can buy coloured side panels to attach to it so it blends in with your kitchen so we have the white panels for it.  Then to match we have the Dualit 2-slot Architect Toaster, also with white side panels which does perfect toast for breakfast in the mornings.  And another gadget that I’d really missed as we haven’t had one for a couple of months is a stick blender, so we now have the Lakeland Stick Blender whch looks very stylish in it’s own bag in the cupboard, which holds all the pieces in one place so it’s hopefully going to mean that we’re not going to lose essential pieces to it.

Also Kitchen Aid, who make the wonderful Artisan food mixers, have given us a white mixer (I’m sure you’re following the trend here – white, white and white).  Plus a food processor and a blender too – so lots of new “toys” to be playing with.

So now we’ve go the basics, the decisions are what to get next…….