This simple lemon sponge cake recipe can be a great way of baking with the family and a perfect gift for friends and neighbours.

Lemon sponge cake

Hello, this is Cookery Editor Sue, and this week when I haven’t been snowed in, I’ve spent the time baking with my daughter.  I know that may seem like “work” at home, but as my little one likes to help mummy it doesn’t seem like work and it’s a way to pass and afternoon and I’ve always got cake ingredients in stock.  I had friends coming to visit who braved the bad weather and spent an hour walking to my house, so their reward was some home-made cake, and when I looked out of my lounge window and saw my next door neighbour clearing my driveway I thought I’d bake them a cake too.

So I baked a couple of sticky lemon cakes.  The photo (above) taken on my phone makes the cakes look huge, but they were only actually 14cm diameter tins, so they were quite small cakes.

They are roughly based on this recipe for Lemon Sponge Cake (pictured above) which we published in Woman’s Weekly, and is very similar to the one printed in this week’s issue (29th Jan – out now) as it’s the favourite of our Office Manager, Pat Miller.

However, I found I had an excess of light muscavado sugar in my storecupboard, so rather than using white caster sugar I used the brown sugar instead.

For the filling I whipped some whipping cream and stirred in some lemon curd to taste. I think that it tasted particularly good as I tried a new lemon curd that I’d bought – Stockes Lemon Curd which has a real fresh tang to it. It is more expensive than some other lemon curds, but it was worth it. If you have a little more time you could also try making your own with our lemon curd recipe.

Lemon curd

The cakes are really moist as they are soaked in quite a lot of lemon syrup which is poured on as soon as the cake comes out of the oven, so my friend said it reminded her of the puddings that her Gran used to make! (She did say that was a compliment and not an insult for my cake).

When they were cold I filled them with the lemon cream mixture, and to try to add a little healthiness, I added some fresh raspberries too. Using the brown sugar did make the cakes darker than usual, and my husband thought that they should have had lemon glace icing drizzled over the top, but I thought that with the syrup the cakes already had enough sugar.

As well as having Pat’s favourite Lemon Cake recipe in this week’s issue, we have other staff favourite recipes too; there is also Diane’s Banana and Chocolate cake, Heather’s Easy Apple Cake, Michelle’s Bailey’s no-bake Cheesecake, Kandy’s Rich Chocolate Torte and Simon’s Black Forest Ice Cream Brownies.

Happy baking.

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