The shops are full of gifts to buy your loved one for every special occasion, but Cookery Editor, Sue McMahon, says it’s much more personal to make your own gift so how about making some homemade chocolate truffles?

Chocolate truffles

Being married to a chocolatier you may think we’d have a house full of chocolate, but most evenings he asks me where I’ve “hidden” the chocolate!  (Even our two year old daughter is developing a taste for good chocolate, and on a couple of occasions when I’ve given her cheaper chocolate to save the Valrhona for myself, she’s said “no mummy, I want that one” and she points to the Valrhona.)

What I’m planning on making for him is some liqueur Chocolate Truffles. At the moment we have both Glayva and Drambuie at home, to flavour the white chocolate with Glavya and the dark chocolate with Drambuie.

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Last week, with Valantines day in mind, Iris, Ann and myself from the cookery team went to a tutored tasting of paring chocolate to spirits which was organised by the online retailer Alexander and James.  The chocolate expert was Chantal Cody who is the founder of Rococo chocolates. We were surprised how well the spirits they chose went with the chocolate rather than overpower it.

The one that I was  most surprised about was the Don Julio Reposado Tequila.  I’d never usually think of drinking tequila neat, and tend to use it for margaritta cocktails, but this one is double distilled in small batches and aged in American oak barrels for a very smooth taste. It went really well with the rose wafers, which are something I’ll be buying to keep in my “hidden” supply of chocolate!

I wonder if I’ll have a chocolate treat – here’s a picture of a previous Valentine sclupture from my husband – I don’t think I can compete with this, so I’ll just stick to my truffles.

Valentine chocolate sculpture

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