Make a stunning wedding cake covered with pretty white flowers. Here our cookery editor Sue McMahon shows you how to make icing flowers.


Making icing flowers for a wedding cake: What you’ll need


    • Approx. 200g (7oz) flowerpaste, eg, Squires Kitchen Sugar Florist Paste


    • Cornflour, in muslin bag, for dusting


    • 4-6 tablespoons royal icing sugar, made up


    • White powder lustre colour, eg, Squires Kitchen Metallic Lustres Snowflake


    • Rose water, alcohol based, eg, Star Kay White


    • Green plastic flower-making board and small rolling pin


    • Blossom plunger cutter, eg, PME extra-large flower blossom plunger


    • Firm foam pad, eg, Orchard pad


    • Veining modelling tool


    • Curved formers, eg, quails’ egg boxes or chocolate box inserts


    • Scriber needle or modelling tool


    • Disposable piping bag


    • No. 2 plain piping tube, eg, PME


    • 28-gauge white floristry wire


    • Tweezers, optional


    • White floral tape, cut to half width


How to make icing flowers for a wedding cake


1. Knead some flowerpaste to soften it. Roll the paste out very thinly on the plastic board using the plastic rolling pin and cut the flower shapes with the blossom cutter. Use the plunger to eject the flower from the cutter, and place flowers on the foam pad.

2. Use the veining tool to mark 3 lines on each petal of each flower, and then rest the flower in the curved former and leave to dry, preferably overnight. Before they’re dry, make holes in the centres of about 25-30 of the flowers with needle, for top decoration. The three-tier cake will take approximately 200 flowers for the sides, but make extra to allow for breakages.

3. Cut the end off the piping bag and insert the piping tube. Pipe a ball of royal icing in the centre of each of the flowers for the sides of the cake (not the flowers with the holes in them) and then leave to dry.

4. For wired flowers for the top decoration, cut some white wires into 4 to give shorter lengths. Bend one end of each wire over to make a small hook and then bend that over at right angles to the main wire — using tweezers, if you have them, makes this a little easier. Pull a hooked wire down through the centre of each flower with a hole in it until the hook rests on the top of the flower, then pipe a ball of royal icing over it. Place wires in a small glass to hold the flowers upright while icing dries.

5. Mix the lustre colour with the rose water and paint the flowers to give them a sheen. Leave the colour to dry.

6. To assemble the top decoration, group together several of the wired flowers and tape them together. Gradually tape in extra flowers, a few at a time, to form a ball shape for the top. Cut the wires to give a short stem and tape over the cut ends of the wire.

Sue’s cake decorating tip

Flowerpaste dries out very quickly, so only work with a small amount at a time, and all the time it’s not being used, keep it well wrapped in a plastic bag.

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