The Woman’s Weekly cookery team (from left to right) Iris, Ann, Sue, Pat and Kate

Hello, this is Sue McMahon and I’m Cookery Editor at Woman’s Weekly. It’s very exciting to be writing my very first blog message for our new website, so I thought that this one should be an introduction to who we all are in the cookery team.

We’re very lucky as I think that we are the only weekly magazine who still have our own test kitchen which is in our head office location in central London. All the recipes are developed and then prepared for photography in our test kitchen and just off the kitchen is a room which is used as our photographic studio.

Our kitchen

When we moved to the offices about five years ago I was able to work with the designers of the new building in having a say in the layout of the kitchen and what we needed fitting in it, and we had it built as a domestic kitchen rather than an industrial catering kitchen.

It’s just like one that you may have in your own home but as it’s used so much every day and by several people cooking at the same time we’ve doubled up on most things: two double ovens, two microwave ovens, two dishwashers.

But even with all these things we could still do with more space on photography days!  I’m sure that during my blogging posts you’ll gradually get to see more of what the kitchen looks like.

The team

But more important than the actual kitchen is the team that work within it. I have been at WW full time for about 21 years. Iris Harvey is our Cookery Assistant and she’s been with us for about 18 years. Then there is Kate Moseley who is our Home Economist, and who writes many of our features. She’s been with us about the same length of time as me, and she did leave for about a year but she missed us so came back!

And there’s Ann Syers who is Kitchen Assistant and is the newest member of the team as she’s “only” been with us for about six or seven years.  So you can see from how long we’ve all been working for the magazine that when people join the cookery team they don’t leave! One member of the team who did “escape” is Pat Miller, although she didn’t go far as she’s now the WW office manager, and she started with the cookery team about 14 years ago.

So you know what we look like, we’re all in the picture from left to right it’s Iris, Ann, Sue, Pat and Kate