If you’re a chocoholic then our new publication is just for you – it’s packed full of our best chocolate recipes.


The latest Woman’s Weekly “Bookazine” is now on sale and it’s devoted to chocolate. What is a “bookazine” you may ask, well it’s the term that we’ve given our specials, which are more like a book as they are printed on lovely glossy paper, rather than being like a normal magazine. We hope that they’re of a quality that you’ll want to collect and save them on your bookshelves with your other favourite cookery book.

This is Cookery Editor, Sue, and I’ve had the pleasure of compiling this special issue so I’ve literally been thinking about, dreaming of and eating chocolate for the past few weeks, so I think I’ll have to avoid standing on my bathroom scales!

chocolate eclairs

Chocolate Eclairs

Although all  the recipes are tried and tested to give good results when you try them, I do have my favourites. Although I can’t decide which my ultimate favourite is, I have 4 recipes which are amongst my favourite indulgent treats. Firstly there are the Chocoalte Eclairs, which rather than just having a cream filling, have a white chocolate ganache, so they’re doubly chocolatey.

chocolate caramel shortbread

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread

Another tea-time treat I can recommend is the Chocolate Caramel Shortbread which is like a Millionaires Shortbread, but on a chocolate shortbread base rather than a plain one – and the picture shows I couldn’t resist them as that was me who bit a piece off the middle one!

Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte

There are several classic recipes in the book, such as Black Forest Gateau and Choc Chip Cookies, and also our version of a Sacher Torte Recipe. With all the chocolate cakes, I think they’re best served at room temperature, rather than serving them too cold as the cold subdues the flavour of them (and also makes them appear dryer).  So if you’ve chilled the cake, let it warm up slightly before serving it. I love this cake warmed slightly in a microwave oven, but the glaze over it will melt and run off if you heat it too much, so if you do decide to serve it warm then only microwave it for a very short time – I usually heat it for 10 seconds at a time, and see how it feels before giving it another 5-10 seconds.

Hazelnut caramel chocolates

Hazelnut Caramel Chocolates

And if you’re feeling generous enough to part with your creations, rather than eating them all yourself, then try these Hazelnut Caramels – they’re a whole hazelnut in a soft caramel, encased in chocolate, and would make a lovely Christmas Gift. I know it sounds early to be thinking of Christmas, but if you’re thinking of doing any edible gifts, then now is the right time to start thinking about getting reaady for them and getting moulds, and also for saving any packaging which could be recycles, as often buying specialist boxes pushes up the cost of edible gifts, but if you keep a look out now, you may find you have boxes which could be re-covered in suitable paper and re-used.

The Chocolate Special is available from good newsagents and costs just £4.95, so it’s very good value and is sure to become a favourite “treat” recipe book.