Seville oranges are in season now – make the most of them with our sweet and savoury recipes

Orange chicken recipe

Hello, this is Cookery Editor, Sue. I know that seasonal foods are somewhat forgotten these days as so much produce is available all year round, but Seville oranges are one product which still has a definite season which is January/February.

Recipe for Seville orange marmalade

If you’re really busy and don’t have time to make Seville orange marmalade at the moment, then you can buy the oranges now and then use them at a later date which is what we do every year so we’ve always got some in the freezer here in our test kitchen.

Recipe for orange roasted chicken

I must admit that I’m personally not too keen on marmalade, especially for breakfast (I prefer Marmite or Patum Peperium on my toast). But I do like to use it in cooking. One recipe that I particularly like is orange-roasted chicken (above), which I made with clementine marmalade, but it works well with Seville marmalade too. The natural fruit acids in the fruit tenderise the meat and it almost falls off the bone. When I make it at home I like to serve it with salad leaves, and I spoon over some of the sauce rather than a salad dressing and also serve it with plain boiled basmati rice which soaks up the delicious juices.

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