A quick and easy way to liven up prawns using OXO’s Garlic & Herb Shake & Flavour. Great pan fried, or stuck on skewers and grilled or barbecued.

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: 5 Minutes

Serves: 4


1 tbsp Olive Oil

250g Peeled Raw King Prawns

2 tspn OXO Garlic & Herb Shake & Flavour

½  Lemon – Zest and Juice


1. Place all the ingredients together in a bowl. Mix well ensuring the prawns are evenly coated.
2. Cover and place in a fridge for about 30 minutes (Optional – they can be cooked straight away).
3. Heat a large pan over a medium high heat. Add the prawns and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly. When the prawns are cooked through and piping hot, remove from heat.
4. Alternatively, the prawns can be placed on skewers and cooked for a few minutes under a grill or on a barbecue.
5. Sprinkle some Shake & Flavour before serving for added oomph.


Per Serving: 80 Calories, 11.2g Protein, 0.3g Sugars, 3.3g Fat (of which 0.5g saturates), 1g Salt

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