Italian mushroom and tomato toast topper

This delicious Italian toast topper makes a perfect light supper, snack, lunch or weekend brunch in super quick time - try it on toasted ciabatta or rustic wholemeal bread

Ricotta, bean and ham toast

An Italian-inspired topping for ciabatta toast with soft ricotta cheese, Parma ham and pesto with a sprinkling of frozen soya beans

Smoky beans with bacon on toast

Transform a simple can of baked beans with a few storecupboard spices, an onion and some bacon for a full on flavoursome brunch or lunch

Mustard chicken toast

If you've got some leftover roast chicken in the fridge but not enough to make a diinner, turn it into this creamy mustard toast topper for lunch

Gyspy toast with fruit

An indulgent weekend breakfast or brunch, or a quick and easy pud when the family are shouting 'what's for pudding?', this fruit topped gypsy toast is delicious

Anchovies and minty peas

Peas, mint and marinated anchovies make a lovely fresh and healthy topping for toast - perfect for a light lunch or starter served with pea shoots or rocket

Hummus with olives on toast

Want a healthy and quick snack? It's cheap and very easy to make your own hummus and, served with olives on toasted pitta bread or crusty bread, it's satsifying too

Leek with quails eggs on toast

Impress your nearest and dearest with a surprise breakfast or brunch by making posh egg on toast. Poach quail's eggs, sauté leeks and serve with Parma ham on toasted wholemeal…

Devilled kidneys on toast

Try our quick and easy toast-topping recipe with lamb's kidneys, curry paste, mango chutney and a splash of Worcestershire sauce - it's devillishly good!

Potted mackerel on toast

Want a quick and healthy lunch in minutes? Try out our home-made potted mackerel on toasted rye or farmhouse bread, topped with sliced radishes and rocket

Roast bubble and squeak.

Usually made with the leftovers from a roast, bubble and squeak can also be used as a side dish for a roast dinner. This roast bubble and squeak is delicious…

Mallorcan-style lamb

Try something different with your Sunday roast with our Mallorcan-style lamb, filled with a delicious stuffing of minced lamb, raisins, pine nuts and herbs

Oriental-style roast duck

Fancy something a little different for your Sunday roast? How about a juicy roast duck? Coat the skin in oriental spice and a sticky glaze for a lovely depth of…

Buttery baby new potatoes

A satisfying accompaniment for any main meal, especially a roast dinner. These soft buttery potatoes will melt in your mouth

Potato gratin

Layers of potato and celeriac in a creamy cheese sauce is the perfect side to any meal. Particularly delicious aside a roast dinner, this potato gratin is so simple to…

Crispy roast lamb

Adding a crispy crunch to your roast lamb gives it a delicious new flavour. Cover you lamb with a tangy lemon, olive and anchovy stuffing with this simple recipe

Seven-hour pot roast lamb

Indulge the family with this slow-roasted leg of lamb, cooked for seven-hours with shallots, carrots, garlic and herbs.

Crispy chick

Have some fun with the kids this Easter and make this cute Easter chick. Made with cereal and melted chocolate, it's perfect for all ages