Striped Easter eggs

Fancy a challenge this Easter? Learn how to make your own Easter eggs with this recipe from Woman's Weekly. Decorate with stripes for a colourful finish

White chocolate rabbit

Want to make your own Easter gifts this year? All you need to make this delicious white chocolate rabbit is some chocolate and a rabbit mould!

Roast pork belly

Roast dinner for under £1 a head! Serve up to 6 people with this delicious pork belly recipe, it's so tasty they'll never guess how cheap it is

Chicken and barley salad

Light, healthy and under £1 a head, this warm chicken salad will fast become a firm favourite. Use up leftover chicken to whip up this hearty lunch or light dinner

Chicken wings and wedges

This succulent chicken wings recipe is easy to make as all the cooking is done in the oven - at and just 85p a serving, it's a bargain too!

Classic macaroni cheese

You can't beat a classic bowl of macaroni cheese. If you want to make sure yours is perfect every time, follow Woman's Weekly's foolproof recipe

Creme brulee

Serve up a French classic for dessert. If you've got a little extra time, this recipe shows you how to make your own custard from scratch too

Tartare sauce

A traditional accompaniment to fish dishes, make your own tartare sauce at home with this simple recipe - which produces a deliciously thick and tangy sauce

Vanilla cookies

Melt-in-the-mouth cookies with a lovely hint of vanilla. This vanilla cookie recipe is the perfect base for any decorations you wish to try

Cupcake cookies

Love cupcakes? These cute cupcake cookies are definitely for you! Bake simple vanilla biscuits and decorate them to look like colourful cakes with this simple recipe

Butterfly cookies

Learn how to make these beautiful butterfly cookies with this easy recipe. Bake simple vanilla cookies and decorate with colourful icing to create these sweet treats

Coloured candy cookies

These brightly coloured biscuit are crunchy, fun to eat and easy to make. They can be stored in an air tight container for 3-4 days - if there's any left!

Pastel macarons

Sweeten things up with these pretty pastel macaroons. They make perfect gifts for friends and family

Mum cookies

Perfect for birthdays, Mother's Day or any special occasion, these jam-filled biscuits will certainly put a smile on your mum's face

Chunky root vegetable soup

Make soup into a hearty meal by making this chunky root veg soup. Filled with carrots, swede, parsnip and butter beans, this soup is delicious with some simple homemade bread…

Easy borscht and goat's cheese tart

Borscht, a rich beetroot soup, is an Eastern European favourite. Whip up a batch yourself with this easy recipe - it's just delicious with homemade goat's cheese tartlets

Chicken soup

Try something a little different and serve your chicken soup with some traditional Jewish Matzo dumplings. Pick up some matzo meal at your local supermarket (or online) and impress with…