Spiced sweet potato soup

Sweet, spicy and very satisfying, this sweet potato soup is perfectly complemented with a serving of garlicky croutons. Make a big batch and save for lunches, starters and dinner times.

Mulligatawny soup

Made with roasted lamb, rice, veg and a touch of spice, this Mulligatawny soup is certainly full of flavour. Turn it into a hearty meal by serving with spicy potato…

Slow-roasted rhubarb

Rhubarb is delicious just simply roasted. While it's in season make sure you whip up a batch of this tangy slow-roasted rhubarb for a flavoursome spring dessert

Tropical pavlova

A topping of pineapple, kiwi fruit and pomegranate seeds gives the traditional pavlova a tropical twist. It's a pud that the whole family will love

Pulled pork

Get your friends round and impress them with these amazing slow-cooked shoulder of pork burgers. Marinate your pork overnight and slow cook for about 6-8 hours

Minted lamb cobbler

A rich minty lamb filling topped with heart mint-flavoured scones, this minted lamb cobbler is delicious after a couple of hours in the oven

Chicken parcels

This delicious pastry-wrapped chicken, is impressive enough for when you've got friends over but will be a hit with the kids too. Follow along in our step-by-step recipe video to…

Roast cabbage wedges

Sometimes all you need to do with vegetables is roast them. This winter green cabbage is delicious when simply roasted as it has a slight crunch and is naturally sweet…

Braised red cabbage

Give your red cabbage a burst of flavour by braising with apples, chilli, onions, herbs and spices - it's certainly one way to warm up your winter veg!

Cavelo, prawn and chorizo stir-fry

Green vegetables need not be boring! Combine them with prawns and chorizo with this easy stir-fry recipe for a light family meal under 500 cals

Crunchy salad

Get plenty of your winter veg by making this quick and simple salad. The added pear slices bring a nice refreshing crunch

Winter garden gratin

A delicious mix of sprouts and leeks in a cheesy sauce, this warming winter garden gratin will get the whole family eating their greens

Apple surprise pie

A great all-time favourite for family and friends, this apple pie has a surprise ingredient - jam! Use it in your filling for extra flavour

Poachers' pies

You can't beat a hearty pie on a cold day. Try our delicious poachers' pies filled with rabbit and vegetables topped with home-made suet pastry

Beef, stilton and ale pie

Full of lovely rich flavours, this beef, Stilton and ale pie is perfect for cold evenings. Made using ready-made puff pastry, it only takes 20 mins to prepare

Filo fish pie

Top your fish pie with a crunchy filo pastry for a different texture to your meal. This easy recipe uses ready-made pastry for speed

Linzer torte

Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons, this Linzer Torte is an Austrian-style lattice pie filled with fresh raspberries. Serve with custard for an extra warming treat

Raspberry meringue

On a diet but still crave desserts? Try this lower-fat raspberry meringue crush. Made with quark and skimmed milk, these tasty little puds will soon be a firm favourtie