Jerk turkey skewers

With less than 1g of fat per serving, these delicious jerk turkey skewers are the perfect meal if you're watching what you eat

Maple-glazed duck

Looking for new ideas for lower-fat family dinners? This maple-glazed duck recipe is full of flavour and makes a nice change from your usual meals

Fish parcels

Forget boil in the bag fish, try our bake in a bag fish with prawns, spring onions and mushrooms. So quick and simple to make, just place everything in a…

Pappardelle primavera

Low in saturated fat, and really quick to make, this warming dish is perfect for a mid-week supper for your family - just double the ingredients to feed a family…

Thai curried noodles

This really quick and tasty Thai dish is a breeze to make because its ingredients are all ready made. Give it a whirl for a midweek supper

Asian prawns

This is a quick and easy meal to prepare especially during a busy mid-week. The stir-fry vegetables are pre-cut and even the rice is ready cooked, all you have to…

Lamb wraps

In a rush? Whip up these delicious lamb and guacamole wraps in next to no time by using readymade meatballs and guacamole

Italian fish stew

One of our favourite short-cut suppers, this stew contains just a few ready-made ingredients, so is really quick and easy to make. Perfect to warm up the family on a…

Lemon, honey and ginger marmalade

Try this delicious alternative to traditional orange marmalade. Use tangy lemon and ginger to add an extra depth of flavour to your homemade marmalade

Citrus upside down cake

If you are making a batch of marmalade, try baking this delicious tangy, sweet and moist cake with it. Don't worry, it's just as tasty with shop-bought!

Marmalade souffle

These yummy souffles look extra special as they're served in scooped-out orange skins.

Lime meringue roulade

Fill a soft marshmallow meringue with a tangy lime filling to make this delicious lime meringue roulade. At only 260 cals per serving, it won't damage your diet too much

Seville orange marmalade

New to making homemade marmalade? Try a traditional Seville orange marmalade as your first attempt and then experiment with new flavours

Cinnamon ring doughnuts

These doughnuts are best eaten on the day they're made - when they're warm, light and fluffy. Serve on a plate or on skewers,

Date and apple loaf

Moist, light loaf cake that's surprisingly low in fat. A perfect tea time treat that you can enjoy without feeling guilty! Follow along in our simple step-by-step video recipe

Baked tomatoes with cheese

Want to try something a little different for breakfast? Start your weekend with these cheesy baked tomatoes served with toasted ciabatta