Quick kedgeree

It's lovely to wake up and enjoy a freshly-cooked kedgeree. This is topped with smoked salmon and quails' eggs for a posh treat

Breakfast tart

Fed up with toast and cereal for breakfast? Try something different and bake this breakfast tart. Just use ready made pastry and top with eggs, mushrooms, bacon and sausages -…

Thai scrambled eggs

Rise and shine and feel great all day with this super tasty breakfast idea — spicy scramble eggs with chapattis. This Thai-inspired dish is ready in just 15 mins

Maple coffee

Want to give your morning coffee a fresh twist? Try adding cardamom and maple syrup with this easy coffee recipe for a quick and tasty update

Coconut porridge

Add a little sunshine to your breakfast with this coconut porridge with fresh griddled pineapple. A perfect tropical treat for the winter mornings

Fresh-baked soda bread

Make breakfast time in your house extra special by whipping up some fresh homemade soda bread. All you need is some butter and marmalade to finish off this delicious loaf

Frothy hazelnut hot chocolate

Create a coffee-shop standard hot chocolate in your home by combining cocoa and chocolate hazelnut spread for a rich, luxury treat

Fruity breakfast smoothie

Made with frozen fruits and honey, this fruity breakfast smoothie is a great way to kick off your day.

Butternut squash and sage risotto

Follow our easy step-by-step how-to video to make this warming, healthy veggie risotto dish, packed with the delicious flavours of squash, sage and white wine.

Chicken, bacon and mushroom pie

Create a delicious pie filling with this classic chicken mushroom and bacon pie recipe from Woman's Weekly. Use ready-made puff pastry to get it ready in no time

Winter vegetable and bacon soup

Quick and simple, use a bag of ready-chopped frozen winter vegetables to make this soup in next to no time. Perfect for a warming lunch or a light dinner

Basic Christmas cake

Fancy making your own Christmas cake this year? This simple, all-in-one recipe by Woman's Weekly makes the perfect fruit base for your festive treat

Spanish beef

Give your beef a fresh flavour by making this Spanish beef recipe. Paprika, chorizo, chillies and cumin give the dish plenty of flavour - and you can make in a…

Chinese duck pancakes

Make your own restaurant-style duck pancakes at home. Easier than you'd think, use ready-made plum sauce if you're in a hurry

Pork enchiladas

This quick and easy recipe for pork ragu enchilades serves a whopping 8 people so is perfect if you've got guests coming over. Easily freezable, you can also make in…

Butternut lasagne

Woman's Weekly's butternut squash lasagne makes a great family meal. To make life easier, this meal can be prepared in advance and placed in the freezer until ready to cook…

Chocolate and orange marble loaf

This chocolate and orange cake is the perfect afternoon treat, learn how to make it with our easy-to-follow recipe video from the Woman's Weekly kitchen

Swiss roll

Learn how to make this classic dessert with Woman's Weekly cookery editor Sue McMahon

Frosty night cocktail

Get into the festive spirit and impress your guests with this frosty night cocktail. This cocktail is made from gin, cointreau, lemon or lime juice, sugar and crushed ice