Light berry mousse

This berry mousse is so simple to make. Just add blended berries and greek yogurt to whisked egg whites. Spoon into glasses and chill for 1-2 hours.

Raspberry lemon cheesecake

This raspberry and lemon cheesecake makes a great summertime treat. Easy to make, you just chill for a couple of hours before serving. Perfect for summer garden parties.

Flower cookies

There's nothing like homemade buttery biscuits - and these ones look so pretty!

Carrot cake

This super-moist carrot cake is smothered with delicious cream cheese. Use sunflower oil instead of butter in this carrot cake recipe. You can also follow our easy step-by-step video to…

Country garden flan

With a delicious filling of peas, green beans and goat's cheese, this tasty flan is perfect for picnics and outdoor eating

Steak roll

Serve these hearty rolls at a picnic or for a filling family lunch. A combination of sirloin steak, horseradish sauce and onion rings will be a hit with all ages

Seafood sub

A great seafood snack for picnics or anytime you're hungry. Very easy and quick to make, these tasty rolls require no cooking and are ready in under 10 mins

Thai chicken roll

A great snack for picnics. Grilled chicken, midly spiced with Thai green curry paste, in crusty rolls with Romaine lettuce leaves for crunch and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce…

Raspberry lemonade

A great fruity and refreshing drink for the whole family of crushed raspberries and lemon juice. Perfect for picnics, parties and everyday drinking

Pink macaroons

Enjoy these colourful and lightly baked almond meringue-like treats, filled with a delicate rose flavoured buttercream filling, with afternoon tea or at a party

Lavender cupcakes

Use fresh or dried lavender flowers to make these fragrant fairy cakes from Woman's Weekly for your afternoon cuppa.

Strawberries and cream cake

Having a summer garden party? Impress your guests with this classic strawberries and cream cake. A light sponge cake filled and topped strawberries and cream - gorgeous.

Chorizo and bean salad.

A quick and easy summery salad bursting with a spicy Mediterranean flavours like chorizo, sun-blush tomatoes and peppers

Jammy biscuits

Shortbread-style biscuits sandwiched with raspberry jam - just like Jammy Dodgers! Great for any family occasion and and easy recipe to make with the kids

Broad bean and brown rice salad

Enjoy the taste of summer vegetables with this nutritious broad bean and rice salad. So quick and simple to make, it's perfect for a healthy dinner and save any leftovers…

Family pasta bake

Feed the family for less than £1 a head by making this hearty pasta bake. A classic mince base topped with a cheesy pasta is bound to please everyone

Cucumber and prawn stir-fry

This quick and easy stir-fry is a new way to serve your family a healthy meal for under 500 calories. Soy sauce, Chinese wine and sesame oil give the dish…

Courgette fritters

A simple everyday dish for the whole family. Grated gourgette fritters are lightly fried and served with cooked halved tomatoes and fried eggs. A great dish to get the kids…

Blueberry and apple crumble

This classic blueberry and apple crumble has been given a gluten-free makeover. For the topping use gluten-free brown bread and gluten-free oats.