Gluten-free chocolate cake

Go on indulge yourself! Try this delicious gluten-free chocolate cake made with dark chocolate, vanilla and natural yogurt and served with fresh raspberries and a light dusting of icing sugar

Quinoa crunchies

A great healthy tea-time treat. These cookies are made with quinoa which makes them extra crunchy. Quick and easy to make, the mixture can be made in advance and frozen.

Speedy flatbreads

Try these quick flatbreads, like pitta breads, but using gluten-free flour and buckwheat flour and a mixture of seeds. Grilled to serve straightaway.

Jammy coconut squares

These delicious gluten-free squares have a surprise ingredient - potatoes! Full of the delicious sweetness of jam and coconut, and under 300 cals a slice, these little cakes are a

Gulten-free olive bread

Love bread but can't eat gluten? Why not try making our delicious olive bread made from gluten-free flour. Add olives, rosemary and parmesan cheese to the bread mixture for extra…

Garlic and chilli prawns

At just 196 calories and 4g of fat per serving, this tasty stir-fry dish is perfect if you are watching what you eat. Just double the ingredients to feed a…

Greek lamb with warm beans

This quick and simple supper of Greek-style lamb on a warm bean salad makes a nutritious family meal - and it's only 323 calories per serving

Roasted Med vegetables

A great dish for the whole family. This roasted variety of Mediterranean vegetables is healthy and delicious. Serve with couscous and hummus dip.

Meatballs with lemon tagliatelle

A great dish for the whole family. Turkey, veal or pork mince balls are lightly fried and stirred in with tagliatelle and crème fraîche, and chilli flakes are added for…

Steak and beetroot salad

Serve your family a quick and easy dinner with this tasty beetroot salad with sizzling steak. At just 293 calories, it's a great healthy option too, packed with protein, veg…

Peppers of Provence

A tasty salad of roasted Romano peppers and tomatoes flavoured with anchovy fillets and basil leaves. A great summer salad for the whole family.

Rare roast beef salad

A delicious salad of lightly-fried fillet steaks and green leaves. This is quite substantial as a main meal and is quick and easy to rustle up.

Prawn salad with pickled cucumber

This salad is refreshing, very easy and very quick to prepare. The prawns are lightly fried and tossed into a salad of cucumber, spinach, chilli and coriander leaves

Spring salad with parmesan crisps

A light and spring/summery salad using seasonal ingredients of asparagus, beans and peas along with quails' eggs and home-made Parmesan crisps

Chicken provencale

This hearty chicken stew recipe was first featured in Woman's Weekly in 1977 - cheap, quick and easy it makes a popular family meal any day of the week

Lamb meat loaf

Meat loaf is a great way to use leftover meat and bread. Try our curried lamb loaf updated from a 1973 recipe. A cheap, quick and easy meal for the

Courgette and bacon risotto

A cheap, quick and easy rice dish using courgettes with bacon, onion and cheese. Great for a one-pot supper for 2 people - or double the ingredients to feed a…