Lavender ice cream

Lavender infused ice cream - deliciously creamy and ideal to make in advance and keep in the freezer for a hot day

New potato and asparagus salad

Enjoy this warm salad of tender new potatoes and crisp green aparagus tips topped with goat's cheese, broad beans and mint

Mediterranean aubergine

Aubergines baked with a tomato and mozzarella cheese topping. Ideal for as a meat-free family meal or a dinner party main course

Fresh spring vegetable stew

This simple one-pot stew is full of fresh veggie flavours and you can use whichever seasonal vegetables you have handy to make it

Crunchy nut Romano peppers

Soft baked red peppers with a nutty couscous filling - quick and easy to make for a simple lunch that will please vegetarians and meat-eaters too

Roast asparagus and tomato tart

Make the most of delicious seasonal asparagus with this wonderfully fresh-tasting tart - serve with a crunchy green salad for a tasty lunch or supper


The national dish of South Africa - bobotie is a delicious curried mince topped with an egg custard (not dissimilar to moussaka). Perfect for an easy World Cup tea!

Chicken schnitzel

Flattened chicken breasts in crunchy, golden breadcrumbs served with a creamy, tangy fennel salad. A delicious dinner on the table in 20 minutes

Beef and pepper stir-fry

A tasty stir-fry that the whole family will love. It only takes 15 mins to knock up - that's quicker than ordering a takeaway!

Lamb burgers with beetroot relish

These homemade lamb burgers are tastier than shop-bought with a hint of cumin to spice things up. Serve with a summer relish and fresh salad.

Strawberry and chocolate slice

A two-layered ice cream slice pudding that kids and adults will love and it's really worth the effort if you want to impress

Strawberry and custard tart

Two flavours that were made for each other - this strawberry and custard tart makes a delicious dessert, and is perfect for afternoon tea too

Roasted rhubarb with lemon mascarpone

A rhubarb recipe with lemon curd and mascarpone added for extra creaminess, which perfectly complements the crunchy texture of this simple spring or summer dessert.

Spring chicken and champ mash

This delicious chicken recipe is perfect for a gathering of family and friends, while the casserole is wonderful with creamy Irish mash