Orange twists

Crunchy biscuit treats, dripping with orange icing - share around at kids' parties or keep all to yourself.

Cats' tongues biscuits

These curly biscuits, which look like cats' tongues are easy to make and are perfect for dipping in your tea.

Strawberry rings

The kids will love these jammie treats - get them to help spread jam over freshly-baked biscuit bases and top with a buttery ring.

Honey and spice biscuits

These crunchy, buttery biscuits with a cool iced-filling are easy to make and look so impressive.

Warm aubergine salad

Aubergines are meaty and filling - serve this easy veggie treat at your barbecue as a meat-free alternative.

Crunchy salad

Save a few calories and go for a salad which doesn't use mayonnaise in the dressing - this one's perfect and goes well in burgers and with other barbecue food.

Chicken drumsticks

Marinate these tasty chicken treats in advance and they're ready for the barbecue and done in about 15 minutes.

Sweet and sour ribs

Tender and sweet, these juicy ribs will make your barbecue. Now you just need a few bangers and you're sorted!

Honeyed apple galette

Just lay apple slices on top of ready-rolled puff pastry and your warm apple dessert is ready for eating with a spoonful of low-fat yogurt.

Ham-wrapped asparagus with dip

These asparagus spears, wrapped in delicious strips of Parma ham make perfect finger food for a romantic night in together.

Honey ripple ice cream

Spice up vanilla ice cream and stir in honey and crunchy ginger biscuits for a quick and easy dessert.

Honey-roasted summer veg

These sweet mixed vegetables would go great with roast chicken, beef, lamb and pork, so don't forget to check out our roast dinner recipes too.

Honey-glazed salmon

A nice simple dinner - just boil up some rice while the salmon's cooking and you've got yourself a tasty and healthy meal for two.

Mango, honey and cream fool

If you're looking for a really quick and easy dessert, this one's perfect and has fresh mangos in it so it's not too naughty either.

Minted pea soup

Use up your peas in our luxury version of pea and ham soup - try serving with our pea, ham and cheese muffins.

Raspberry and rose cheesecake

Who could resist a slice of this beautiful cheesecake - and you won't need to use your oven for this one, it just sets in the fridge overnight.

Risotto Primavera

The rice should be creamy but with a slight bite to it - try this recipe and make the perfect risotto with broad beans and peas.

Salmon and crab tartare

Buy a pot of ready-prepared crabmeat and mix together with salmon to make this really easy dinner party treat that looks so impressive.

Coffee brandy cake

If you love coffee cake, this recipe from Woman's Weekly reader Pat Ring from Harpenden is for you. Use the best coffee you can.