Moroccan mackerel

Mackerel is rich in omega-3, which improves brain power - that's why this dish makes such a great lunch for growing kids.

Double berry meringues

This light meringue dessert with fresh berries is easy and quick to make. Great for dinner parties or as a weekend treat!

Date and orange flapjacks

Flapjacks are a filling and tasty snack, for parties, camping or picnicking. And if you store them well, they'll last for a week.

Chinese duck in orange sauce

It takes time, but this sweet 'n' sour Chinese duck dish from Woman's Weekly makes a change from your normal takeaway - and would be great for a dinner party.

Rosti with bacon

Rösti is another name for hash browns - a grated and fried potato dish that couldn't be tastier or easier to make

Vanilla brulee

There's nothing tastier than a brulee of creamy custard with a crackling caramel topping. A delicious comforting dessert.

Triple pork casserole

Mixing sausages, pork belly and streaky bacon with cannellini beans, this easy casserole is great for cold nights.

Chocolate fondant rumbas

Delicious chocolate puds with a dash of rum that are perfect for dinner parties and romantic nights in. Resist if you can!

Sea bass with beetroot salsa

Healthy and low-fat, this tasty sea bass dish is packed with nutrition and flavour from superfood beetroot to zingy lime.

Triple chocolate treat

You can make these tasty chocolate puddings a day in advance, leaving you with more time to focus on that Sunday roast.

Trout and asparagus frittata

Asparagus is cheaper when it's in season and it's an aphrodisiac too, so whip up this easy frittata if you're having a romantic night in or a dinner party.

Raspberry and mint iced tea

This raspberry and mint iced tea is a refreshingly delicious cooler on a hot day. To make more, just double the amounts!

Yangzhou fried rice

Packed with prawns, mushrooms, soya beans and chicken, this nutritious dish is great for family dinners.

Tikka tattie soup

This easy curry soup is delicious served with mango chutney - and you can freeze it for up to 3 months, too