Twelfth Night cake

There's a hidden bean in this delicious almond-y Epiphany cake - and whoever finds it gets to wear the crown!

Minty pea parcels

A tasty vegetarian canape, these filo parcels with fresh mint, spring onions and peas will be a party favourite.

Fluffy mushroom omelette

Make a souffle-style omelette with this easy breakfast recipe. Extra-tasty with cream cheese and fresh parsley

Sausage popover

Pancake batter is so versatile - use it as a base for these easy, more-ish, crispy sausage and bacon popovers.

Scottish shortbread

It's hard to say no to this tasty, more-ish Scottish shortbread - these sugary wedges are the perfect afternoon treat.

Gluten-free scones

Enjoy afternoon tea with these tasty scones. And if you find it tricky rolling out crumbly gluten-free flour mixture, use an ice-cream scoop!

Tuscan chicken

This tasty chicken dish, topped with olives, lemon and basil, and served with roasted vegetables contains less than 10g fat per person.

Rice 'n' peas

Go Caribbean with this classic, aromatic Jamaican rice dish. Great on its own or with tasty jerk chicken or pork fillet.

Tombi's cheese tart

Tombi Peck's delicious recipe for perfect cheese and bacon tart comes from South Africa - but is perfect for a British supper!

Lamb shanks in a red wine sauce

Cooking this delicious lamb casserole a few days in advance isn't just handy - it also improves the flavour and texture. Another great recipe from Woman's Weekly

Shortbread tree

If you want to give someone the gift of food this Christmas, this star-shaped cookie shortbread tree is just the ticket

Pommy Pavlovas

A really indulgent meringue dessert with redcurrant jelly, double cream and topped with pomegranate sauce.

Fig and pear compote

Super-healthy with honey, yogurt, raspberry jam and warming spices of cinnamon and cloves, this is a delicious way to start the day.

Roasted vegetable pizza

Who needs takeaway pizzas when you can make your own? And this easy recipe contains less than 10g fat.

Simnel cake

It's not Easter without something sweet to eat, so go traditional and make this easy but impressive simnel cake.

Beef and beetroot salad

This healthy steak salad with peppers, courgettes, beetroot and rocket and chard leaves contains less than 10g fat per person.

Rum and cola ribs

Enjoy some al fresco cooking with these summery rum and cola ribs. Marinate a day in advance for extra flavour.