Florentine Eccles cakes

These delicious Eccles cakes are made with shop-bought puff pastry. Just prepare the filling - and pop them in the oven!

Easy-peasy pizzas

These homemade pizzas are cheaper and healthier than shop-bought ones - and kids will have loads of fun making them

Thai pickled shallots

This Thai-inspired gift idea requires a little advance prep, but these chilli, lime and lemongrass-infused shallots are so delicious.

Amaretti syrup tartlets

Made with Amaretti biscuits, golden syrup and flaked almonds, these tartlets are deliciously flavoursome.

Pasta frittata

Made with bacon, spring onions and crème fraîche, this tasty pasta omelette is great as a snack or main meal.

Low-fat sweet & sour pork

Chinese takeaways are a real treat but this tasty low-fat version of an old favourite makes a great dinner any day of the week. Try Woman's Weekly's healthier sweet and…

Hot cross buns

Enjoy them warm, cold, with butter or without - these freshly baked currant hot cross buns are delicious however you eat them!

Gluten-free spiced fruit teabread

Start making this loaf cake the day before you're baking. It gives the fruit time to absorb the tea which keeps the cake deliciously moist.

Mushroom and spinach pasta

A quick and easy pasta dish with lots of healthy spinach and tasty chestnut mushrooms - plus it contains less than 10g fat per person.

Smokey chicken fajitas

Tortilla wraps are great as you can make different fillings for everyone. Plus, they're easy to make and really tasty.

Lemon meringue slice

This simple lemon meringue recipe is a winner. Use high-quality lemon curd for extra flavour.

Cherry almond pie

Nothing beats a warm, homemade cherry pie for pudding like this classic from Woman's Weekly.

Rum and raisin pudding truffles

Mini chocolate desserts with raisins, rum and double cream - who can resist these delicious, decadent truffle puds at Xmas?

Cabbage and chorizo soup

This delicious, spicy soup is hearty enough for a main meal. Serve with crusty, farmhouse bread for mopping up the last few mouthfuls.