Hot cross buns

Enjoy them warm, cold, with butter or without - these freshly baked currant hot cross buns are delicious however you eat them!

Gluten-free spiced fruit teabread

Start making this loaf cake the day before you're baking. It gives the fruit time to absorb the tea which keeps the cake deliciously moist.

Mushroom and spinach pasta

A quick and easy pasta dish with lots of healthy spinach and tasty chestnut mushrooms - plus it contains less than 10g fat per person.

Quick strawberry ice cream

With just two ingredients and five minutes prep, this deliciously fruity strawberry ice cream is our quickest and easiest recipe yet, with or without an ice cream machine

Cherry vodka slush

A slush drink for grown-ups! This frozen vodka cocktail with ripe red cherries is well worth the effort.

Walnut and raisin loaf

This bread is delicious freshly sliced and topped with butter on the day it's made. Once it's a day or two old, toasting it will bring out the flavour of…

Spicy buttered spatchcock partridge

Impress your friends with this roasted buttered partridge with cumin, coriander and garlic. It's delicious hot or cold.


Half fruitcake, half honey cake, this sweet, chewy Italian dessert is made with roasted nuts, citrus peels and spices.


This homemade marmalade from Woman's Weekly will taste delicious on toast for breakfast, and is bound to impress any visitors you have.

Gluten-free polenta cake

Top with rhubarb or fill with jam and buttercream to make a celebration cake. Or serve this polenta cake hot with crème fraîche or custard.

Moroccan fish soup

A tasty soup with chickpeas, saffron, spring onions, tomatoes and special Ras El Hanout seasoning - and under 10g fat per person.

Tequila cocktail

This minty tequila cocktail is a perfect aperitif on warm summer nights. Serve chilled for maximum enjoyment!

Green and red salad stack

Healthy, tasty and easy, this roasted vegetable salad is great for summer dinners. Perfect with grilled pitta bread.

Leopard loaf

A delicious bread - which gets its name from the semolina topping which makes a pattern on the top of the loaf as it rises