Honey and thyme mustard

This delicious relish made from scratch with mustard seeds, honey, thyme and cider vinegar is a great Christmas foodie gift.

Herrings in oatmeal

Impress your friends with this fresh fish recipe from Woman's Weekly. It's full of vitamins and omega-3 which will help to ward off colds too.

Coconut macaroni pudding

Pasta isn't just for savoury recipes - this is a twist on an old-fashioned classic with fresh raspberries and icing sugar.

Muffin beefburgers

Sometimes you just can't beat a succulent beefburger so make this healthier version of a fast food favourite.

Roast lamb with ginger parsley crust

Cook this lamb with the parsley crust topping earlier in the day and keep chilled, or make the crust, ready to spread on the lamb while the oven heats up.

Gluten-free cupcakes

Easy to bake, these pretty, gluten-free cupcakes are perfect for kids' parties or to enjoy with a steaming cup of tea.

Squash, broccoli & barley salad

A super-healthy salad with butternut squash, broccoli and barley, dressed with mustard and honey. And less than 10g fat per person.

Turkey burgers and oven chips

Who said burgers were bad for you? This healthy meal of turkey burgers and oven chips contains less than 10g fat per person.

Mint and apple cooler

Refreshing on a hot summer's day and great for barbecues - it's alcohol-free so the kids will love it too!