Honey and thyme mustard

This delicious relish made from scratch with mustard seeds, honey, thyme and cider vinegar is a great Christmas foodie gift.

Herrings in oatmeal

Impress your friends with this fresh fish recipe from Woman's Weekly. It's full of vitamins and omega-3 which will help to ward off colds too.

Roasted ratatouille pasta

A healthy pasta dish with lots of roasted veg like aubergines and peppers and topped with tasty goat's cheese.

Aromatic chicken curry

Make this curry with its fragant flavours of cinnamon, cardamom and star anise - you won't need that Indian takeaway menu!

Chocolate truffle cake

This deliciously decadent dessert can be made the day before to make a special occasion stress-free. A chocoholic's dream.

Greek slow-cooked lamb

A Greek favourite, this slow-cooked lamb (kleftiko) is full of flavour with onions, garlic, lemon, oregano and white wine.

Turkey burgers and oven chips

Who said burgers were bad for you? This healthy meal of turkey burgers and oven chips contains less than 10g fat per person.

Mint and apple cooler

Refreshing on a hot summer's day and great for barbecues - it's alcohol-free so the kids will love it too!