Make the perfect pancake with our tried and tested batter recipe and check out our other pancake suggestions from blueberry and maple syrup to orange and ricotta.

Lemon and sugar pancake

Hello, this is Cookery Editor, Sue.  If you’ve been in a supermarket over the past week you probably won’t need reminding that it’s almost Pancake Day!

This year Shrove Tuesday (the day before Lent begins) is 12th February.  It’s not a fixed date as it always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday, and as the date of Easter changes each year, Shrove Tuesday does too.  It’s a day when traditionally “indulgent” foods were used up before the fasting of Lent begins the next day.

In Britain it’s become known as Pancake Day, but throughout the world there are different celebrations such as Mardi Gras (translates as fat Tuesday) which many countries celebrate with big carnival festivities.

I must admit that my favourite way of serving pancakes is to keep them plain and sprinkle them with caster or granulated sugar (for extra crunch) and then drizzle over some freshly squeezed lemon juice before rolling them up and eating them.

RECIPE: How to make perfect pancake batter

VIDEO RECIPE: How to make pancakes

I think they taste best when they are freshly cooked, so I serve them as I make them, which does mean that some people have to wait their turn whilst others are eating, so it’s best for just serving a few people. Also, I find that the first pancake usually sticks to the pan, but then all subsequent pancakes usually release easily, so the first pancake is what I consider to be the cook’s treat.

Blueberry pancakes

I also love blueberry pancakes drizzled with maple syrup which is what we often have at home for breakfast on a Sunday morning with some smoked bacon. As my husband is originally from America he particularly likes thicker pancakes like these blueberry ones rather than our thin pancakes.

RECIPE: Blueberry pancakes drizzles with maple syrup

VIDEO RECIPE: How to make blueberry pancakes

But whichever way you prefer to serve your pancakes – Happy Pancake Day!

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