Pork pittas with mango and pomegranate salsa

High in flavour but low in fat! Try these pork meatballs and a refreshing salsa as a healthy family dinner – it’s got less than 10g fat per serving!
Serves: 3-4
Prep time: 35 mins
Cooking time: 25 mins
Total time: 1 hr
Skill level: Easy peasy
Costs: Mid-price


For the meatballs:

    • 300g lean minced pork
    • 50g fresh white breadcrumbs
    • 1 tbsp ground cumin
    • 1 level tbsp chopped fresh coriander
    • Salt and ground black pepper

For the salsa:

    • 200g carton ready-prepared mango
    • 110g carton ready-prepared pomegranate seeds
    • Freshly zested rind of 1 lime, plus 2 tbsp juice
    • 1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
    • Pitta breads, warmed, to serve


    1. Set the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6.
    1. To make the meatballs: Mix together all the ingredients. Divide mixture into 12 and roll each portion into a ball. Place on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 20-25 mins.
    1. Meanwhile, to make the salsa: Finely chop mango and stir in pomegranate, lime zest and juice and coriander, and mix well.
    1. Serve 3-4 meatballs per person with the pitta bread and salsa.

Nutritional information per portion

fat 6.0g saturates 2.0g calories 222(kcal

This nutritional information is only a guide and is based on 2,000 calories per day. For more information on eating a healthy diet, please visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.