Salmon and Broad Bean Salad

Warm salmon goes really well with a salad of broad beans, artichokes and fresh mint. Plus, it’s filling and healthy.
Serves: 4
Prep time: 15-20 mins
Cooking time: 25 mins
Total time: 40 -45 mins
Skill level: Bit of effort


    • 300g (10oz) small new potatoes, halved
    • 250g (8oz) podded broad beans, fresh or frozen
    • 200g tub roasted artichoke hearts in oil, drained (reserve the oil)
    • 2-3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    • 4 spring onions, trimmed and sliced
    • 1-2 small preserved lemons, zest only, finely sliced
    • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    • 2 lightly smoked raw salmon fillets (about 300g/10oz)
    • Handful of mint leaves (about 10), cut into slivers
    • 100g (3½ oz) wild rocket
    • 1 lemon, cut into wedges or slices, for serving


    1. Cook the potatoes in boiling water for 10 mins, add the beans and cook for another few minutes until the vegetables are just soft (fresh broad beans will take about 5 mins; frozen, about 3 mins). Drain, then rinse under cold running water to cool them.
    1. Take out the potatoes and put in a salad bowl, mixing in the oil from the artichokes, if any, or a tablespoon of the olive oil. Set aside to finish cooling.
    1. Squeeze the beans out of their skins into a bowl (it’s a bit time-consuming, but they do look and taste better like this, especially the bigger beans). Add the artichoke pieces (cut into smaller chunks if you prefer), sliced spring onions, slices of preserved lemon, seasoning and the rest of the olive oil.
    1. Heat a small pan until hot, add the fish, skin-side down, and cook for about 3 mins. Turn fish over, cover and cook over a lower heat for another 2-3 mins, until just cooked through. Leave for 5 mins in the pan until cool enough to handle, then skin the fish and flake it (discarding any bones) into the bean mixture.
    1. Add the mint and rocket, and toss well. Spoon on top of the potatoes in the salad bowl and serve with lemon wedges or slices while the fish is still warm.

Nutritional information per portion

fat 16.0g calories 311(kcal)


This nutritional information is only a guide and is based on 2,000 calories per day. For more information on eating a healthy diet, please visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Guideline Daily Amount for 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g salt.