There are so many diet crazes, but the latest “Fast Diet” or “2:5 diet” as it’s sometimes known is one that’s become very populare and lots of staff in the Woman’s Weekly office are following it. Here, we have 10 recipes – each less than 350 Calories per meal – such as the spicy Tom Yum soup in the picture.

Soup Tom Yum

A simplistic way of looking at the diet is that on 2 non-alternate days each week a woman needs to eat 500 Calories or less, and a man 600 Calories or less, and for a normal healthy person this should result in weight loss.  As with any diet there are warnings that you shouldn’t start it if you’re taking certain medications or are diabetic, etc, so if in any doubt check with your doctor first.

Those of us in the office who have tried it (me included) have found it relatively easy to stick to when and there have been noticeable results.  My job involves lots of cooking, and eating, which I need to do as I need to try every recipe that we publish.  So to stick to a traditional weight-loss diet isn’t really possible, but with this way of dieting I can choose 2 days each week to count the number of calories I eat, so developing the 10 recipes in this weeks issue was an enjoyable challange for me as I had a personal interest in them.  I’ve made them all 350 Calories or less which includes the serving accompaniments, so for a woman that still leaves 150 for extras such as fruit thoughout the day.

I’ve found the MyFitnessPal app great which I’ve downloaded onto my phone, but it’s also possible to use the website, and it keeps a total of the calories that I consume during the day, and I’ve also found it useful when I’ve been out in restaurants to check items on menus as lots of values for items on chain-restuarant menus are in their database.

turkey tikka

As well as the 10 recipes that we’ve published in our 7th May 2013 issue, you could try this recipe for Turkey Tikka, which at only 180 Calories per serving comes well within the daily Calorie limit, even when served with plain rice.

waitrose fish pie

If you’re wanting a day off cooking, then my favourite low Calorie ready-meal at the moment is Waitrose Love Life Fisherman’s Pie, which has nice chunky pieces of fish with a mash potato topping, and I find it is a filling meal expecially served with some steamed sprouting broccoli.