From 7th-13th October 2013 it’s “Curry Week” when numerous restaurants and stores throughout the country will be holding special events to encourage people to eat more curry or to try something new.Curries are traditionally thought of as being from the Indian sub-continenent, but many different countries have what they call “curries” including places such as Malaysia, Indonesia and even the Caribbean. When he was foreign secretary, Robin Cook, described chicken tikka masala as “a true British national dish” as it’s become so popular.

I (Cookery Editor, Sue) enjoy a curry at home at least once a week, and for me it’s my treat on a Saturday or Sunday evening to order a curry so that I have a night off cooking. My favourite curry at the moment is Shorishar Modhu with Chicken Tikka in it, which is a curry which is one of the house specials at one of my local curry houses Cinnamon Square, in Hildenborough near Tonbridge (and I see that it’s popular with celebrities too as I read that it’s a favourite of Dame Kelly Holmes). It’s a medium curry with honey and mustard in the sauce, and I’ve tried to recreate it at home, but haven’t quite cracked it yet (but maybe it will be the inspiration for a future recipe in Woman’s Weekly).

chicken korma

Quick Chicken Korma

Curry specialists Pataks are one of the sponsors of curry week, and their Korma Paste works well in our Cheats Chicken Korma which is a quick to make curry, ideal for a mid-week supper.  A product that I’m a huge fan of is the Veetee Dine In microwave rice, which takes just 2 minutes to cook in the microwave, and with an Indian curry I usually use either the Pilau Rice or Basmati Rice (and with a Thai curry I like the Thai Jasmine Rice).

Lamb Biryani

Lamb Biryani

Another easy-to-cook family meal is Lamb Biryani, which is made using the British favourite of Tikka curry paste, and has a sweetness from the sulatanas that are added to it.  It takes a little longer to prepare, but the lamb can be cooked in advance, and then reheated the next day when the rice is cooked. I often think that curries taste better on the 2nd day when the flavours have blended better, so I usually make more than I want for a meal and then either have it again the next day or freeze the extra to have on another occasion (often served with microwave rice, to make it a quick meal)

Whichever curry you choose, don’t forget some poppadoms too and a good mango chutney.  If you find a curry is too hot for your taste, then try stirring in a little mango chutney or even some apricot jam to soften the flavour of it slightly.

So get in the spirit of this week and try something new!