It’s the end of an era as we have our last photo shoot in the Woman’s Weekly kitchen that’s been our “home” for over five years, but we’re moving to a posh new kitchen says Cookery Editor, Sue McMahon!

Cooking in the Woman's Weekly test kitchen

Cookery Editor Sue and Photographer Terry working for the last time in the old Woman’s Weekly test kitchen

The Woman’s Weekly cookery team is moving to a new kitchen in our London offices. In one way we’re going to be quite sad to leave our current kitchen, but for the past few weeks I’ve been busy browsing online for new kitchens and accessories and we’re going to have a fab new kitchen built for us.  At the moment the room looks like this:

training room

The “before” picture before work is started on our new test kitchen

It’s been used as a training room, so at the moment it bears no resemblance to a kitchen, but that’s soon going to change, when the room is emptied and it has all the services like plumbing and extraction fans installed. The room is also much larger than it looks in my photo, so it should be a lovely bright and sunny kitchen.

The thing that we’re all most excited about is we’re going to have windows!  This may seem something strange to get excited about, but at the moment our kitchen is an internal room, with no windows so when we’re working in there we’ve no idea if it’s night or day, or what the weather is like, but now we’re going to have a view out over the London skyline. This picture is only taken on my mobile phone but it shows the view out towards the London Eye from our full-height windows, so the kitchen and photography areas are going to be really light and bright.

view from test kitchen

View from the new Woman’s Weekly test kitchen

And if we want a break out into the fresh air, we just have to walk out of our kitchen and cross the atrium and we’re out on the roof-top terrace with a view towards the new Shard landmark building.  It always seems surreal to go out in the gardens with the lawns and trees, when it’s actually on the top of a modern building.

view from the roof garden

View of London and The Shard

So I’m sure you can tell from this posting that I’m really excited about our move, and I can’t wait to upload pictures of our new kitchen. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the packing, which will start tomorrow!  I keep being told that I’m a hoarder as I never like to throw anything away as “it might be useful” but this is going to be a good time for us to have a good de-clutter, so it will be a fresh start to the new year.

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