Fill these with lavender or rosemary to give a room, cupboard or drawer a delightful fragrance, says Jane Bolsover

Rosemary or lavender heart

A rosemary or lavender heart will add a lovely scent to a room, drawer or cupboard

If you’re keen to start a simple new project on a quiet afternoon, we suggest stitching a handy herb-stuffed rosemary or lavender heart give any room, drawer or cupboard a wonderful scent.

Finished size of large rosemary or lavender heart: Approx 10 x 7cm

You will need

✤ Cotton fabric in two designs/colours
✤ Small button
✤ Needle and sewing thread
✤ Brown string
✤ Large eye needle
✤ Pencil
✤ Polyester filling or dried lavender and rosemary
✤ Bay leaves, whole nutmegs and cinnamon sticks

To begin

1 Sketch a heart measuring approximately 10.5 x 7.5cm and cut out the template (this includes a 5mm seam allowance around the outside edge).  Draw round the templates on the wrong side of the fabric with a pencil.

Cut out.

2 Machine- or hand-stitch the heart shapes together in pairs, wrong sides facing, leaving a 4cm opening along one of the straight sides.

3 Carefully clip into the seam allowances around the curves and at the top point, taking care not
to cut the stitches. Turn the heart right side out and fill with your chosen stuffing before hand slip-stitching the opening closed.

4 Thread a large eye needle with brown string and make a stitch through the top of each heart, pull the string through until the two ends are level, remove the needle, then tie a knot in the string at the top of the heart to secure it.

5 To add the herbs and spices to the top of the heart: Thread both ends of the string back through the eye of the large needle, then push it through the nutmeg.

Next take a stack of bay leaves and, again, push the needle through the centre. To attach the cinnamon, unthread the needle and wrap the two string ends around the cinnamon stick and knot ends together to hold it all in place.