Spoil friends and family with gorgeous homemade gifts that are really quick and easy to make

These are gifts that your loved ones will treasure forever.
Homemade gifts cufflinks
Velvet scarf

This silk velvet scarf takes minutes to make, but adds instant glamour to the plainest of outfits.

Use only richly textured fabrics that drape well and are soft to the touch.

To make

Simply cut two 150 x 27cm strips of your chosen fabric.

With right sides facing and edges matching, stitch the strips together along the outer edges, taking 1cm seam allowance and leaving a gap to turn through.

Clip the corners and turn right side out. Press the scarf with a piece of felt underneath and on top of the velvet so the pile is not crushed, then slip stitch the gap closed.


This is an ideal project for using fabric remnants, end-of-line bargains or sale fabrics.

Homemade gifts scarf


Use fabric, paper, a tiny photo or piece of decorative text or map, or even a doodle to personalise cufflinks.

All you need is a blank “photo frame” cufflink (see below), plus a little imagination.

To make

Unscrew the back of each cufflink and use one of the backs as a template to cut out two circles from your chosen design or photo — we used patterned paper.

Insert design, face down, in the cufflink and replace back. It really is that simple!

Necklace with vintage appeal

Transform a plain pearl or crystal necklace into something extra special with scraps of lace, beads and a decorative button.

One of the chicest homemade gitfs, it’s suitable for all ages.

To make

Cut lace motifs from white lace edging and position over a 33mm-diameter filigree circle (see inset) so that the edges are covered.

Place a large flower motif (cut from lace trimming) and a 22mm white resin flower bead (see below) on top.

Once happy with your arrangement, sew the lace and bead in place and fasten thread securely at the back of the circle.

Use a jump ring to attach the decorated circle to the centre of the necklace and finish with a drop of beads and pearl (taken from bead trimming) stitched centrally below.

Homemade gifts necklace