A garden apron makes the perfect pinny for the keen gardener with handy pockets to keep tools to hand!

How to make a garden apron

Finished size: 42 x 23cm, excluding the belt

You will need

  • 30cm of 112cm-wide green spotted cotton fabric
  • 30cm of 112cm-wide plain turquoise cotton fabric
  • 30cm of 112cm-wide blue patterned cotton fabric
  • 30cm of 90cm-wide lightweight iron-on interfacing
  • Two 5cm D-rings
  • Matching sewing threads

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Cutting out

  • Cut one 45 x 29cm rectangle of green spotted fabric for the pocket.
  • Cut two 45 x 26cm rectangles of plain turquoise fabric for the garden apron.
  • Cut two 62 x 13cm rectangles of blue patterned fabric and interfacing for the belts.

Making the garden apron

Take a 1.5cm seam allowance. Topstitch with thread that matches the belt.

  1. Fold and press the pocket lengthwise in half with wrong sides facing. Place the pocket on the bottom half on the right side of one apron (which will be the front), pin the long raw edges. Pin the side edges, placing the top corners of the pocket 6mm inside the front side edges.Garden apron sewing pattern
  2. With right sides facing, pin and stitch the aprons together along the short edges and long lower edge. Snip the corners and turn right side out. Press the apron and tack the raw edges together. Divide the pocket into thirds parallel with the short edges, mark the divisions with a row of pins. Stitch along the divisions, stitching back and forth a few times at the top of the pocket to reinforce the seams. Topstitch 6mm from the seamed edges.
  3. Press the interfacing to the wrong side of the belts. Stitch the belts together at one end with right sides facing. Press the seam open. On the right side, topstitch 6mm either side of the seam.
  4. With the right side of the belt facing the underside of the apron, match the belt seam to the centre of the upper edge of the apron. Stitch the upper edge. Press the seam toward the belt.
  5. Press under 1.5cm on the raw edges of the belt. Press the belt lengthwise in half with wrong sides facing, matching the pressed edges. Pin the pressed edges together and along the apron seam. Topstitch close to the pressed edges of the belt.
  6. Slip one end of the belt through two D-rings. Fold under 4cm at the end of the belt and pin in place, enclosing the D-rings. Topstitch close to the belt end and 6mm from the first stitching to secure the rings.