Simple to sew, these pretty lavender sachets can also be used as tree trims. Or, filled with sawdust, they make great pin cushions

Christma heart decoration

Looking for a crafty way to transform your Christimas tree? We’ll show you how to make a heart decoration that’s perfect for hanging of the branches by following just a few steps.

Finished size: 10 x 10cm

For the embroidery you will need:

* 4cm square of white iron-on interfacing

* 10cm square of white linen

* Air-erasable fabric pen

*Red stranded cotton embroidery thread

For the sachet:

* Tracing paper and pencil

* 30 x 15cm rectangle of red and white gingham

* Air-erasable fabric pen

* Matching sewing thread

* 20g dried lavender

* 20cm of 3mm-wide red ribbon

* 1cm-diameter mother-of-pearl button

To work embroidery

1. Press iron-on interfacing centrally on to the wrong side of the linen, with the edges of the interfacing parallel with the threads of the linen.

Trace the dots on the embroidery template on to the centre of the right side of the linen.

2. Using three strands of red thread, embroider a dot at the centre of the square and lazy daisy stitches around the dot.

Cut out the square, adding a 5mm border to the edges of the interfacing.

Christmas heart template

To make sachet

1. Trace the heart motif (above) on to tracing paper and cut it out. Fold and pin the gingham in half with right sides facing.

Use the fabric pen to draw around the heart on to the folded gingham. Stitch along the outline, leaving a 6cm gap in one side edge to turn right side out.

2. Trim round the heart with a 5mm seam. Clip corners and snip curves. Turn right-side out.

Sew the embroidered square to the heart using three strands of red embroidery thread, and working a running stitch between the outer dots.

Fill the sachet with lavender and slip stitch close.

3. Overlap the ends of ribbon diagonally by 1.5cm. Sew to the inner corner of heart and sew a button on the intersection of the ribbon.

Finally, carefully pull away the linen threads on the edges of the embroidered square for 5mm.


Fill the heart with sawdust and omit the ribbon and button, to make an eye-catching pincushion