Who says cushions have to be square?

Star cushion

A star cushion would make a lovely decoration for your sofa

Finished size of star cushion: 40cm

You will need:
✤ Access to a photocopier
✤ Three pieces of cotton fabric, each measuring 35 x 50cm
✤ Polyester toy filling
✤ Matching sewing  thread
✤ Long sewing needle
✤ Strong thread
✤ Two fabric-covered buttons (see box right)

1 Enlarge the diamond-shape template on a photocopier so it measures 23cm long and 14cm wide or simply draw your own.

2 Fold your fabric pieces into four. Place the template on to each of the folded fabric pieces, draw round and cut out the diamond shapes.

3 Arrange six of the diamonds on to a flat surface, alternating the fabrics.

4 Take one diamond and pin the adjoining two diamonds either side, so that the points meet in the middle. You will now have half a star shape with one long straight edge.

5 Machine-stitch the pieces together, finishing your seam 1cm in from the central points – see diagram, below.

6 Repeat with the remaining three star shapes, and press the seams open.

Diamond cushion template

A diamond cushion template is essential to your make

7 Place the two pieces right sides together, and pin along the straight edge, making sure that the points meet in the middle. Machine-stitch and press the centre seam open.

8 To arrange the pieces for the back of cushion, lay the diamond shapes right side down on to the right side of the front star piece.

9 Repeat Steps 4 to 7 to make up the back of the cushion.

10 Pin the front and back cushion pieces right sides together and machine-stitch around the edges, leaving a gap on the side of one of the points for turning through.

11 Trim the seam allowance, snip into the inner points and across the outer points.

12 Turn the cushion right side out, carefully pushing out the points with a knitting needle
or blunt scissors, and press.

13 Stuff the cushion with toy filling, starting with the points of the stars. Hand-stitch
the opening closed.

14 Thread a long sewing needle with a length of strong thread and knot the end. Sew three small stitches at the centre of the cushion front, thread through your button and carefully push the needle through to the centre point of the back of the cushion.

15 Thread the needle through the back button, then push the needle back up through to the cushion front. Slowly pull on your thread to draw the two buttons towards each other.

Repeat three times, and finish with a few stitches to secure under the button.

Top tip

You can enlarge the diamond template to any size you like. From tiny stars, which make great pomanders, to huge ones as floor cushions.

How to make fabric-covered buttons

You will need:
✤ Fabric
✤ Self-cover buttons, 23mm wide
✤ Prym button-cover tool

Cut a circular piece of fabric, twice the diameter of your button size. Place the fabric right side down into the rubber mould.

Place the button front on to the centre of the fabric and push down into the mould. Gather the fabric round at the back of the button.

Position the button back, then use the button tool to snap it in place, by hand or using a small hammer.

Finally, remove the completed button from the mould.

Star cushion template

Cut out our star cushion template