From pop-ups in Soho to shows in Shoreditch, here's the low down on the young lady transforming today's art scene

Lucy Sparrow is an artist from Bath who’s busy shaking up the British sewing scene.

The self-taught creative crafts her designs using felt and she’s certainly not afraid of using seriously striking shades.

Lucy tends to favour punchy primary colours over softer muted tones.

‘Her world is very much about being able to touch and feel the work she produces and to bring people closer to her creations,’ a statement on her website explains.

Lucy Sparrow launches The Cornershop in 2014

Lucy Sparrow creates art using felt © PA

Although her work has been described as ‘childlike’ by some, further investigation shows us that Lucy’s art is anything but innocent.

It’s safe to say that the opening of Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium in the heart of London’s Soho raised a few eyebrows.

‘I lost a lot of Instagram followers when I first posted about this,’ she admitted.

In preparation for its October 2015 launch, Lucy spent 5 months carefully hand-stitching everything from X-rated DVDs to racy top-shelf magazines.

Her make-shift shop even features a sock-puppet peep show.

Lucy Sparrow Playboy magazine

Lucy Sparrow’s felt magazine cover is a bit saucy © sewyoursoul

Through the project, Lucy wished to express her views on the gentrification of the capital’s famous red light district and challenge people’s perceptions of the sex industry.

‘Soho has been sanitised because there is more money in wine bars and coffee shops and that’s a real shame,’ she explains.

‘The current politics towards sex aren’t healthy – banning things just males people want to do them more.’

Lucy Sparrow

Lucy Sparrow shares a shot of a vintage sewing machine on Instagam © sewyoursoul

Curious to know more about the former Bournemouth University student?

Lucy transformed a rundown Bethnal Green corner shop in 2015 by thoughtfully stocking the shelves with everyday essentials including felt tea bags, tins of tuna and even cat litter.

2013 saw Lucy display a collection of her humorous makes at Nottingham’s Crocus Gallery, while she commanded attention at the Hoxton Gallery with her Imitation show in 2012.

Lucy’s also had her work presented alongside an early Bansky piece at the Houses of Parliament.

Lucy Sparrow caviar

Lucy Sparrow indulges with a little caviar © sewyoursoul