Use favourite fabrics to create a lovely craft bag that could be used as a tote too. It's a sewing project that should take around 3 hours

Craft bag

Note: Take 1.5cm seam allowance unless stated otherwise. Join pieces with right sides together and edges level.

You will need:

  • 50cm of 110cm-wide patterned fabric
  • 30 x 20cm rectangle of contrast patterned fabric
  • 60cm of 90cm-wide lightweight wadding
  • 30cm of 112cm-wide plain fabric
  • 1m 20cm of 2.5cm-wide ribbon
  • 1m 10cm of 2.5cm-wide bias binding
  • 2cm button
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Bodkin or safety pin

Cutting out

Cut two 52 x 29cm rectangles from patterned fabric, wadding and plain fabric for the bag.

Cut two 18 x 14cm rectangles from contrast patterned fabric for the pocket. Cut two 45 x 10cm rectangles for the handles and one 17 x 2.5cm bias strip for the button loop from patterned fabric.

Craft bag

Making the bag

1. Pin the pockets together. Stitch the outer edges, leaving a gap in one edge to turn through. Clip the corners and turn right side out. Press the pocket. Slip stitch the
gap closed.

Pin the pocket centrally to the right side of one patterned bag with the upper long edge 6cm below the upper long edge of the bag.

Stitch close to the side and lower edges. This will be the front, the other patterned bag will be the back. Tack the patterned bags right side up on the wadding.

2. Pin the patterned bags together. Stitch the side and long lower edges. Press the seams open. To form the base, match the lower end of one side seam to one end of the lower seam.

Pin and stitch at right angles across the seam 7cm from the corner.

The seam will be 14cm long. Trim the seam allowance. Repeat on the other corner.

3. Repeat Step 2 to stitch the plain bags together to make the lining. Turn the patterned bag right side out. Slip the lining into the patterned bag, matching seams. Tack the raw edges level.

4. Fold the handles lengthwise in half. Stitch the long edges then turn right side out and press. Pin and tack the handle ends 5cm either side of the centre on the upper edge on the right side of the bags.

5. Fold the button loop lengthwise in half, stitch the long edge taking a 6mm seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance. Turn right side out with a bodkin or safety pin.

Pin and tack the ends to the centre of the upper edge on the right side of the back bag.

6. Cut the ribbon into four equal lengths. Tack each ribbon on the upper edge on the right side of the bags 16cm either side of the centre.

7. Open out one folded edge of the bias binding and fold under one end. Pin the binding to the raw edge of the bag, cut off the excess binding 1cm beyond the start. Stitch along the fold line.

8. Turn the binding to the inside, matching the pressed edge to the seam. Pin then slip stitch the pressed edge along the seam. Fold the button loop over the front, sew a button to the front under the loop.