Gift a knitter with this pretty organiser - it's perfect for storing their knitting needles

Knitting needle case

Set aside two hours to make this pretty knitting needle case out of your favourite fabric.

You will need:

  • 50 x 40cm rectangle of patterned fabric
  • 50 x 40cm rectangle of lightweight wadding
  • 50cm square of plain fabric
  • 1m of 2.5cm-wide ribbon
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Bodkin or safety pin
  • For fabric details, see previous page

Cutting out

Cut two 45 x 19cm rectangles from patterned fabric, wadding and plain fabric for the case. Also cut two 19 x 9cm rectangles of plain fabric for the drawstring casings.

Making the case

1. Tack the patterned pieces right side up on the wadding. Pin the patterned bags together, stitch the long and the lower short edges. Clip the corners. Press the seams open.

Repeat to stitch the plain pouches together for the lining. Turn the patterned pouch right side out, slip the lining inside. Tack the raw upper edges level, matching the seams.

2. Press under 1.5cm on one long and both short edges of the casings. Stitch 1cm from the pressed short edges to hem the casings. Pin each casing to the upper edge of the pouch, matching the hemmed edges to the seams.

Remove the bed of the sewing machine and slip the pouch over the arm. Stitch the upper edge. Trim the seam allowance to 6mm.

3. Pin and tack the long pressed edge of the casings along the seam on the inside of the pouch. Sew the hemmed edges of the casings together where they meet for 6mm to conceal the raw edges inside.

On the right side, topstitch just above the seam.

4. Cut the ribbon in half. Use a bodkin or safety pin to thread one ribbon through the casings, entering and emerging at the same side. Knot the ribbon ends together then trim diagonally.

Repeat with the other ribbon through the opposite side.