Craft and home editor Esme Clemo shares her top tips on making a pretty fabric oven glove for your kitchen

Oven glove

Play around with different fabrics and brighten up your kitchen with these homemade oven gloves.

You will need:
✤ 50 x 80cm peach cotton fabric – we used Moda Fabric Lullaby ‘Quilted’ in Peach*
✤ 40 x 44cm aqua cotton fabric – we used Moda Fabric Lullaby ‘Stitch’ in Aqua*
✤ 20 x 80cm piece of insulated heatproof wadding
✤ Medium iron-on interfacing
✤ 40cm small white
pompom trim
✤ Matching thread
✤ Ruler
✤ Pattern paper
✤ Iron
✤ Marker pen

To make the template:

Measure and draw a 20 x 22cm rectangle on to pattern paper. Place a small plate, approximately 20cm in diameter, on to one of the shorter edges. Draw round the curve and cut out.

✤ Use 1cm seam allowances

1. To make the inner and outer pieces cut two rectangles, each measuring 20 x 80cm, from the peach fabric. Place your two pieces together, fold in half and put the curved side of your template at the short straight edge. Draw round the curve and cut out. Open out the pieces.

For the hanging loop, cut one piece from the same fabric measuring 6 x 18cm.

2. Place the curved side of your template to each end of the insulated wadding, draw round and cut out.

3. For the pocket pieces, place your template on to your smaller fabric piece, draw round four times and cut out. Repeat the process with the iron-on interfacing.

4. Place the interfacing to the wrong side of each of your four pocket pieces, with the glued side facing your fabric, and iron in place using a damp cloth. Pin two pocket pieces, right sides together, and machine-stitch along the straight top edge. Repeat
for the second pocket.

Turn the pockets right sides out and press.
5. Cut two 20cm lengths of pompom trim and pin to the right side at the top of your pockets. Topstitch in position.

Lay the insulated wadding with the shiny side facing up and the outer fabric piece right side up on top. Position the pockets at each end with right sides down, followed by the inner fabric piece, right side down.

6. Pin and sew all the layers together around the outside edges, leaving an 18cm gap in the centre of one edge for turning through.

7. Trim the wadding close to the seam line and snip into the seam allowances at the curves. Turn the oven glove right sides out, and turn the pockets so that the right sides are facing up. Push your hands into the pockets to even out the curves. Turn in the seam allowances along the gap, trimming any excess wadding if necessary, and pin.

8. Take your hanging loop piece, fold lengthways with wrong sides facing, and press.

Open the fabric up, fold the long outer edges to the middle and press. Pin the folded edges together and machine topstitch along the length and press again.

Fold your hanging loop, place the ends together and pin into the centre of the gap. Topstitch along each side, between the pockets, and press.