Think twice before ditching old socks, in a few simple steps that can be transformed into some fab items


Have a couple of pairs of old socks you no longer wear?

We suggest getting creative by turning them into some fun items that will come in handy over the holiday season.

Firstly we’ll show you how some woven kids’ socks can become a classy cover for a candle, topped with a length of bright red grosgrain ribbon. They’ll look gorgeous on any mantelpiece this Christmas.

We’ll then reveal the steps needed to transform some socks for adults into a cute and cosy pair of arm warmers. You’ll love wearing them when wrapping up for a stroll on cold winter days.

Socks used to cover jars

Glass act

Takes 20 minutes each

You will need:

✤ Clean glass jars, with labels soaked off in hot water
✤ White or cream socks with a woven pattern (children’s socks are ideal)
✤ Coloured twine
✤ Decorations of your choice

1 Slide the sock over the jar and fold the top over if desired.

2 Trim the sock about 2cm longer than the bottom edge of the jar, then hand-sew a running stitch close to the cut edge.

Pull up the threads to gather the end of the sock tightly over the base, then knot the thread and trim excess.

3 Tie coloured ribbon or twine around the neck of the jar and add decorations to finish.

Arm warmers

Hand warmer

Takes 1 hour

You will need:

✤ Fair Isle socks
✤ Scissors
✤ Matching sewing thread

1 Cut the toe seam off the end of the sock. Fold 3cm to the inside, then use a zigzag stitch all the way around to secure. Trim away excess knit close to the stitching.

2 Fold a cuff to make the garment more attractive and cover the stitching. Secure at both sides with a few stitches.

3 For the thumb hole, cut a hole at the heel, then fold the edge to the inside and zigzag-stitch to secure.