You’ll like these… a lot! No template required – just strips (or oddments) of beautiful fabrics

Round cushion covers

Decorate your chairs with chic round cushions

For each cushion you will need:

✤ 80 x 40cm rectangle each of patterned and plain lightweight cotton fabric,  eg, lawn or voile
✤ 33cm round cushion pad
✤ Two 38mm self-cover buttons
✤ Matching sewing thread
✤ Sewing needle
✤ Pencil
✤ Button thread
✤ Mattress or toy-making needle

Cutting out

Cut four 35 x 15cm rectangles from patterned and plain fabric. Cut two 6.5cm-diameter circles for the button covers from patterned fabric.

Making the cushion

Note: Take a 1cm seam allowance throughout. Join pieces with right sides together and edges level.

1. Stitch the rectangles together in a row along the long edges, alternating the patterned and plain fabrics. Pin and stitch the ends of the piece together, forming a ring.

Press all the seams open. Press under 1cm on the raw edges of the ring, these pressed edges
will be at the centre of the front and back of the cushion.

2. Thread a sewing needle with a long length of sewing thread. Knot the ends together. Anchor the thread close to one pressed edge. Make a few backstitches to secure.

Sew a running stitch close to the pressed edge, pull up the thread as you sew to gather the pressed edge. Pull up the gathers tightly and secure with a few backstitches and a large knot.

3. Use a pencil to mark the centre of both sides of the cushion pad with a cross. Insert the cushion pad into gathered cover and position the cross on one side of the pad at the gathered centre. Repeat Step 2 to gather the other pressed edge around the cross on the other side of the pad.

Applying the buttons

1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to cover the buttons with the fabric circles. Thread a mattress or toy-making needle with an 85cm length of button thread.

Tie the thread ends to the shank of one button. Insert the needle through the cushion at one cross and out through the other cross.

2. Insert the needle through the shank of the other button. Insert the needle back through the cushion and through the shank of the first button.

Pull the threads to anchor the buttons at the centre of the front and back and to dimple the centre of the cushion.

Cut off the needle and tie the threads securely to the button. Cut off the excess thread.