Here’s a perfect project to use up the end pieces of your favourite fabrics

A pretty peg bag can inject a splash of style into laundry day.

Below, we’ll show you how to make one in 45 minutes using fabric from your stash. This can be a mixture of materials if you don’t have one piece large enough.

This is a great project for anyone following our Waste Not Want Not campaign.

‘I would topstitch the bias binding in a contrasting thread to add a pop of colour,’ says craft and home editor Esme Clemo.

‘If you’re working with a similar colour palette to us, try a purple to match the peg bag fabric go wild with a bright lime binding and an even brighter chartreuse thread shade.’

To make a peg bag you will need:

✤ Paper
✤ 35 x 65cm piece of fabric
✤ 30cm child’s coat hanger
✤ 2m bias binding
✤ Matching sewing thread
✤ Pencil
✤ Scissors

Note: Use 1.5cm seam allowances throughout.

1. Make a paper pattern, by cutting the piece of paper into a rectangle measuring 30cm long by 3cm wider than the hanger. Draw around the hanger at the top of the rectangle.

2. Using the paper pattern, cut out one piece for the back and another piece 3cm longer for the front. Cut across the front piece 21.5cm from the bottom edge.

3. Open out the bias binding and position along the cut edges of the front pieces. Place the two front pieces on top of each other with bias edges aligned and right sides facing. Pin and sew together along the bias edge for 5cm in from each side. Press the seams open, tuck the raw edges of the bias binding under and topstitch to hold the seams in place.

4. Pin the front and back peg bag together with wrong sides facing. Topstitch a strip of bias binding all the way around the bag, leaving a 1cm gap at the top. Insert the coat hanger through the gap, ready to hang from your washing line.