Our craft expert Esme Clemo reveals how to make a fetching pair of letter cushions


Personalised cushions to make

Craft & home editor Esme Clemo demonstrates how to make a pair of fabulous personalised cushions in just five stages.

‘Why not experiment using your favourite font for the appliqué letter to add your own personal touch?’ she says. ‘If you’ve got time – and are feeling creative – you could spell out an entire word like ‘HOME’ or ‘LOVE’.

‘These would make a wonderful housewarming gift for a loved-one settling into their new home. You can always appliqué using a sewing machine instead to speed up the process if you’re working to a deadline.’

You will need (for two cushions)

✤50cm x 1m patterned cotton fabric in green and pink
✤ 30 x 30cm sheet of felt in pink and green
✤ 2m flanged piping cord in green and pink
✤ Matching sewing thread
✤ Matching embroidery thread
✤ Embroidery needle
✤ Two 43cm square cushion pads

1. Cut a 45cm square and two 31.5 x 45cm rectangles from the patterned pink or green fabric.

2. Using a computer, print and cut out a letter of your choice in a solid font to create your template – we used Georgia typeface for ours. Trace around the letter template on to the green or pink felt and cut out.

3. Pin the appliqué letter to the front of the patterned fabric square, using our photo as your colour guide. With three strands of contrasting embroidery thread, blanket stitch around the edge of letter.

4. Turn one of the long edges on each of the patterned fabric rectangles under by 1cm and then another 1cm. Pin and stitch to secure.

5. Pin the two patterned rectangles to the square-patterned rectangle with right sides facing so that the rectangles overlap. Sew all the way around the edge with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Turn right sides out, press and stuff with a cushion pad.


Relatively tricky to make, use our handy guide to blanket stitch here.