Have oddments of fabric in your stash? Set aside a few hours to make a chic decoration for your home

Cushion made with fabric scraps

Simple yet stylish, this cushion is an ideal project for using up any fabric scraps you might have lying around at home.

A cushion this chic – be brave and work with clashing patterns and contrasting colours – would also make a wonderful present for someone special.

Easy-peasy to make, this sewing project should take you between 2-3 hours to complete at home.

You will need:

✤ Cushion pad measuring 35 x 45cm
✤ For the front: six pieces of cotton fabric each measuring 9.5 x 37cm
✤ For the back: two pieces of fabric each measuring 32.5 x 37cm
✤ Matching thread
✤ Tape measure

To make the rectangular cushion pictured, we used cotton fat quarter pieces: Yellow Pea Dot, Yellow Triangles, Yellow Quatrefoil, Grey Pea Dot, Grey Chevron and Light Grey Tiny Dot, all from ebay.co.uk

Use 1cm seam allowances throughout.

1. Arrange the six front pieces, pin, and machine-stitch along each of the long edges. Press the seams open.

2. Fold 1cm followed by 3cm to the wrong side of one long edge of each of the two back pieces, pin and machine-stitch close to the fold. Press the seam.

3. Place the front piece right side up, then position the two back pieces on top with right sides down, so that the two hemmed edges overlap in the middle. Pin around all four sides.

4. Machine-stitch around the four sides. Snip across the corners, turn right side out and press.

5. Insert the cushion pad – feather cushions work best as they get into all the corners.

Our top tip

Play around with the number and size of panels you have. Or position the panels horizontally instead to create your patchwork pillow. You don’t even have to use straight rectangular pieces – work with any shape of scraps you have and stitch them together in the same way until your have pieced a big enough piece.