Keep all of your essentials safe in this pretty floral pouch

Travel Wallet

A handmade travel wallet is the perfect place to store your essentials

Need a new wallet to pop your cards and train tickets into? We suggest getting crafting and making your own in a sophisticated vintage style.

To make your travel wallet you will need:

* Red/pink floral fabric (from a pack of fat quarters – different patterns available)
* Medium-weight iron-on Interfacing
* Plastic transparent filing wallet*
* Anita’s PVA Tacky Glue
* Matching thread
* Scissors

Cutting out

From the floral fabric, cut:
Wallet outside and inside – two 10 x 24cm pieces
Large window pocket – one 10 x 13cm piece
Medium pocket – one 10 x 11cm piece
Small pocket – one 10 x 9cm piece
From the interfacing, cut:
Two 8 x 22cm pieces
One 8 x 11cm piece
One 8 x 9cm piece
One 8 x 7cm piece

Cut one 7 x 10cm piece of transparent plastic for the pocket display window (we used a piece cut from a plastic filing wallet)

1 Iron the interfacings on to the centre back of the corresponding fabric pieces.

2 To create the window pocket, lay the large pocket piece right side up. Place the travel card centrally and 1.5cm in from the right side edge and draw round. Draw two lines diagonally across your drawn shape, corner to corner, to form a cross.

Cut along the drawn lines to the corners and fold the excess through to the back. Trim the excess to 1cm. Press the turnings and glue in place at the back. Allow to dry.

3 Turn in 1cm twice to one 10cm edge of the small and medium pockets, to form the hems, and pin. Repeat on the left side of the large window pocket. Machine-stitch the hems.

4 Place the inside piece flat, right side up, and position the pockets. Place the medium pocket on the left side, right side up, followed by the small pocket, matching the outside edges and with the hemmed edges towards the middle.

Place the window pocket on the right-hand side, again with the hemmed edge towards the middle. Place the outside piece on top, with the right side facing down. Pin all the layers together.

5 Machine-stitch the top and two side edges using a 1cm seam allowance, and leaving the bottom edge open. Trim the seams and corners and turn right side out.

6 Turn in the lower edges, pin in place, and slip stitch. Fold the wallet in half, with the pockets inside and press both sides. Open it up and machine-stitch along the centre crease.

7 Slide the plastic window into the window pocket and secure with a little glue under the window edges.