Protect your spectacles from scratches in a homemade rainbow glasses case based on a retro design from the seventies

Rainbow glasses case

You will need

* 25cm square of white 10-count double thread canvas
* Masking tape
* Sharp HB pencil
* Size 18 tapestry needle
* 1 skein each of Anchor Tapestry Wool in the 
following colours: lilac, light turquoise, mid 
turquoise, apricot, red and yellow
* Tapestry frame or hoop
* 25cm square of lilac plain cotton fabric
*Matching sewing thread

How to stitch mosaic diagonally

Bring needle out at A, insert at B, bring out at C. Following the slant of the stitches, alternate short stitches over one intersection of the canvas and long stitches over two diagonal intersections.

The rows of short 
and long stitches will mesh together.

The chart

Each square on the chart represents 
a square on the canvas and shows the colour of wool to be used. Refer to the colour key and chart to fill in each quarter section of the design.

Stitching the canvas

1 Divide the canvas into quarters and draw the divisions with a pencil. To prevent the canvas from fraying and catching, fold masking tape evenly in half over the raw edges.

Stretch the canvas securely on to the frame or hoop to keep the work taut. Follow the chart and colour key to stitch each quarter of the design with the lilac triangles at the centre of the canvas.

To start, bring the needle to the right side leaving a 5cm trailing end of wool. Catch the trailing end to the back of the canvas as you stitch.

To secure the end of the wool and to begin a new length of wool, use the needle to weave the end under the back of the worked stitches for about 2cm.

2 When complete, press the canvas face down on a towel with a steam iron or spray lightly with water and press with a dry iron, shaping the tapestry into a square.

To finish

1 Cut out the tapestry, adding a 1cm seam allowance. Cut a piece of plain fabric the same size for the lining.

Pin the tapestry to the lining with right sides facing.

Carefully stitch the outer edges, sewing just outside the tapestry stitches and leaving a 9cm gap in one edge to turn through.

Clip the corners and turn right side out. Press the edges of the lining. Slip stitch the gap closed. Fold the tapestry in half with the lining inside.

Use a double length of sewing thread to slip stitch the long edges and one short edge together, pushing the lining to the inside as you work.

Handy hint

Once you’ve mastered the stitches you could make 
a purse or pencil case.


Use different colours to personalise your glasses case.