Banana sandwich cake

A great way to use up overripe bananas, this moist, iced sponge is perfect for an afternoon treat. The recipe is a Woman's Weekly original from way back in 1939

Mediterranean salad

A taste of the Mediterranean taken from the Woman's Weekly archive. This simple salad was first featured in July 1984

Tomato and sweetcorn flan

An old Woman's Weekly favourite recipe from 1956. This cheap, easy to make tomato and sweetcorn flan make a great healthy lunch or supper.

Smoked haddock Scotch eggs

A delicious alternative to the Scotch egg taken from the Woman's Weekly archives. This fishy version was first featured in a issue in 1940

Bacon and egg stuffed peppers

This recipe for baked stuffed red peppers is a classic Woman's Weekly recipe from 1958. Stuff the peppers with bacon, egg and breadrumbs and sprinkle with plenty of cheese

Bacon and egg stuffed peppers

Feed the family for just 38p a head with this super-simple dish. Serve these tasty frittatas hot or cold, with a crispy side salad. The kids will love them!

Crab and noodle stir-fry

If you're after more cheap family meal ideas, this recipe is a winner. At just 65p per portion, this tasty and nutritious stir-fry is impressive yet affordable

Tuna and tomato calzone

Looking for a different idea for dinner? Try this Italian oven-baked folded pizza stuffed with tuna, tomato, olives, herbs and mozzarella cheese

How to line a cake tin

Ever wondered how to line a round cake tin with ease? Watch our simple how to video as the Woman's Weekly cookery editor, Sue McMahon, shows you how.

Sausage, bacon and mustard pies

Home-made pork pies using hot water crust pastry enclosing a filling of sausage meat, bacon, mustard, sun-blush tomatoes and sage

Apple and strawberry pie

A light and crumbly pastry encasing succulent apples and strawberries. This rustic pie is perfect for afternoon tea, dessert or even as a snack

Chicken plate pie

Want to make your very own pie? Try this easy-to-make chicken pie by adding the chicken mixture to an enamel pie plate and covering with ready-made shortcrust pastry

Jamaican rice and beans with jerk chicken

A Caribbean dish ideal for family meals or parties - and not too expensive. Made from dried red kidney beans and rice flavoured with chilli, garlic and coconut. Served with…

Soya bean pesto dip

This soya bean pesto dip makes great party food or a simple, quick and easy snack. Use strips of ciabatta loaf to make your own garlic breadsticks for dipping

Split pea and vegetable curry

Instead of an Indian takeaway, why not cook this delicious, slightly hot vegetarian curry? It is easy to cook and will appeal to the whole family. Delicious served with naan…

Falafel pitta

Make these healthy authentic patties from ground chickpeas, onion and fresh herbs served in a warmed wholemeal pitta with salad and a yogurt dressing.